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Content quality: 22.0 of 25
Content quantity: 16.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 16.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 3 days: $1.95
  • 7 days: $9.95
  • 1 month: $39.95
  • 3 months: $69.95

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CFNM Max 78
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Gang Bang Squad 81

For those of you that don't know CFNM stands for Clothed Female Nude Male. It's a fairly small genre of porn that features girls keeping their clothes on playing with naked guys. They stroke the cocks, jerk the cocks and tease the dudes until they're ready to explode. It's all a whole lot of fun and the guys are delighted to be played with, of course. Most CFNM porn also features an aspect of the women using the guys. It's not quite female domination but it's close. The ladies are basically enjoying the naked male body and playing with it as they see fit. He usually ends up being the one having fun because he gets to cum which is why it's not quite femdom porn. It's still a whole lot of fun to check out though and that's all we're really interested in here. That's why the review for CFNM Max is up next. There are hotties playing with hard cocks and they need to be reviewed.

Main idea:

The tour page for CFNM Max explains that the site features empowered women taking control of vulnerable guys with a fetish for submission. That's a good explanation of what CFNM porn is although I don't get the impression that it's really about domination and submission. After all, the ladies are clothed and jerking and sucking the guys, making them cum in most cases. It seems like the dude is still winning out in that case. Maybe they don't let them cum? Either way you should visit the site and check out the preview videos and pictures.

Member's area:

The first thing you'll see after logging in is a sexy picture from the most recent update along with a lengthy description and links to the scene and all the CFNM Max movies. They also provide you with links of the most watched and highest rated scenes, all of which are great for first time members to check out. The rest of the member's main page is loaded with links to all the extra content that comes with your purchase. There are bonus sites and leased feeds and a whole mess of other action that's plenty entertaining.

They list 12 scenes per page with a little thumbnail from the scene begging you to click on it. If you see something you like give it a click and you'll be able to check out the good stuff. The downloadable scenes have the word “downloadable” printed right on the picture. It's kind of odd that they're not all downloadable though. What kind of site, in this modern era of porn, doesn't allow you to download their content? It's absurd and it drives me bonkers.

The downloadable videos are high definition though so that's exciting. Updates are not made with any great frequency - it's twice a month at best and closer to once every three weeks. The HD videos are actually 1068x600, which is quite a bit smaller than true HD. They still look great though so it's no big thing. The pictures are a little too low resolution too. I want more than 800px. For some that will be fine but I run my desktop at a pretty high resolution so they're not big enough.


CFNM Max is the CFNM porn site for guys that want a little taste of this type of porn, not guys that are interested in what Clothed Female Nude Male really means. I say this because the girls actually end up partially nude in almost all the sets. It's not a CFNM video if the girls pull their tits out of their tops. That's hot, for sure, but it's not in the spirit of CFNM so if you're really into that kind of porn then you should turn tail and run from this site right away. You're not going to get what you want from it. The scenes also lack the girls-in-charge element that a genuine CFNM porn site gives you.

So what does CFNM Max offer its members? You get group scenes where hot girls dress in hot and slutty outfits and play with dicks. You don't get hardcore fucking but instead enjoy handjobs and the occasional blowjob. Most of the scenes feature multiple girls playing with the same guy and he often gets to experience what seems like a great deal of pleasure. Just imagine having a gaggle of girls jerking your cock at the same time! In one scene they have a group of milf chicks playing with a younger man's cock. Those ladies were somewhat dominant and a little bit cruel towards the guy, which was fun. It seemed obvious to me that it wasn't entirely genuine though so that kind of took away from the impact.

I like that they've taken to using different themes for their scenes. The milf babes were hot and a scene done in a hospital with three nursing babes was hot too. I enjoyed the hot prison guards too; those ladies were happy to play with their sexy prisoners. A few scenes also featured girls in bikinis and those never fail to be impressive. Pain plays a part in some of the scenes. In the nurse scene the guy gets his balls tugged on and squeezed. They wrap some medical tubing around his cock too. It's not the perfect CFNM site but it's a good introduction to the niche. There are 29 bonus sites that come with your membership and they will provide you with a whole bunch of hot reality porn action.

Cons and pros:


  • Some good CFNM porn;
  • Hot pornstar chicks playing with dicks;
  • Lots of bonus sites;
  • HD videos.


  • Other CFNM sites are better;
  • Some of the videos are streaming only;
  • Not much content and the updates are slow.

There are 41 scenes at CFNM Max but only 18 of them are high definition and downloadable. The rest are streaming only and that's pretty annoying. They need to make more content and make it all downloadable. The clothed female nude male porn is fairly well produced but if you're looking for a pure representation of the genre this site is not it. You'll be disappointed. However, if you want good CFNM porn with hot pornstar chicks fondling and sucking cocks then you're likely to find what you need. What makes the site even more excellent is that you get a whole mess of bonus content with your membership. That's what you want to invest in.

Featured comments:

There aren't enough scenes at CFNM Max and they don't update often enough. I appreciate that the 23 streaming scenes are good but if I can't download them they're pretty much useless to me. I want stuff that I can actually have on my hard drive after I've canceled my membership. They're pretty pathetic with the updates too.

The bottom line is that there are better CFNM sites online so I can't see why you would want to spend good money on this one. Even if you wanted to get access to the bonus sites you can find the same kind of reality porn on other sites where it's actually better. I don't want to be too harsh but there really are no good reasons to be a member of CFNM Max.

There were a few scenes at CFNM Max that really impressed me. The one where the nurses have a male patient in their clutches and they're getting pretty rough with his cock while balancing that fairly well with giving him pleasure is a good scene. There are a few others like that and I enjoyed them. I'm not sure they make joining worth the money though.

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