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Content quality: 25.0 of 25
Content quantity: 21.0 of 25
Design and usability: 6.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 16.0 of 20

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Site Details:


Clothed Females with Naked Males is what you get at this William Higgins site that’s been around about a year now and already has a good following. You are looking at exclusive content from an EU company, a fetish that is becoming ever more popular and a site that offers images as well as videos. You get a good idea of what goes on from the tour photos, and you should pick up on the fun and yet dangerously sexy feel that the site has. Checking out the sign up page you will see a good offer on monthly memberships, with the recurring monthly one reducing after the initial period. The members’ area is very easy to use, the quality is good and updates are happening.

Main idea:

So, it’s girl on top at CFNM EU where the fun comes from Europe, and where you get to download exclusive fetish movies. You've got great looking guys falling victim to strong and good looking ladies. The girls keep their clothes on as they humiliate the men to the point of sometimes making them fuck another man. The guys get their cocks played with and used by the ladies, and they often get their asses probed and battered as well. There is BDSM and medical fetish content and a great set of images in the galleries area. You will also find a model index where the men are the stars and they are hot, young and European.

Members Area:

I found this members’ area very easy to use, in fact I was surprised at how simple it was. It looks good, dark and silvery, menacing almost, and it’s very easy to read. You start off with a home page showing updates in the standard way, with videos and galleries separated out, and then you work through the top menu.

This will bring you to three main areas: Photo Galleries, Video Galleries, where you have index pages of the movies, and Model Galleries which is the model index with extra photos of the guys. This model index is also very simple in that you click a large sample shot to see more images of that man, and that’s about it. This area really works as an extra gallery area and the pictures come with slideshow options and easy navigation. There is a little information about each guy, but not much, and you do get a choice of thumbnail size and a zip download of all the images in each set. The same set-up is to be found in the main images area where you have action photo sets.

When you go to view a movie you find that you only have one choice for viewing and that is a download. You can't select any file type other than what you are given and there is no streaming to be had. Your sample shots, on the index pages, are neatly set up and you can see the upload dates, and when you go to a viewing page you find another image and a little write up, then all you have is a download link.

The members’ area does have a site-wide search facility where you can enter keywords, and there is a support page that takes the shape of a form to fill out should you have any questions or problems. Simple and to the point would just about sum it up.


But also rather limited, certainly in terms of viewing. You get one choice of WMV and it is a download, and that’s it. But you do have 145 photo galleries holding around 150 to 200 photos each, 247 videos that run for around 10 to 15 minutes, and 10 men in the model index with extra solo galleries of around 20 pics each and at good sizes. It is worth noting that the videos are often parts, so you might find four parts to the same scene all uploaded over a period of time, and that’s why the videos are often only ten minutes long. So you could argue that your updates are actually rather limited in that you are only getting one ten minute clip every week, plus any images that might also be uploaded.

But you are getting the fetish content that was promised, and very much so. CFNM EU goes to town on its punishments with cock and ball torture, humiliations and domination of men by women dressed and in charge. You’ve got two girls stripping a boy and getting him hard, controlling his orgasm, and spanking him. You have girls tying men up to chairs, blindfolding them and then using their bodies for their own pleasure. You’ve got ass penetration with dildos and strap-ons and sometimes even another guy’s cock. And all the way through you have good quality images and movies. I found the WMV files to be 2,000 kbps @ 1280 x 720, clear and good quality. Image sizes were at 665 x 1,000 and the quality here was great too.

The download speed for the files was good, at around 200kbps, but while downloading, the pages did become a little slower to load. But that, and the lack of choices for viewing, were the only downsides to this content. The punishments were hard and the European guys (mainly Czech I imagine) really get put through it. The quality is good and the updates are regular.

Pros & Cons:


  • Exclusive fetish content that is also good quality;
  • Good looking men and women;
  • The content stays perfectly on niche and is exactly as promised;
  • The site is very easy to use;
  • Regular updates.


  • Only one choice of video viewing download;
  • Not a lot of information about the models or scenes;
  • No interactive options at all;
  • Uploads are parts of longer scenes.

I’d kind of expect a little more interactivity and info from a William Higgins site, and maybe even longer clips and full scenes, plus more viewing options and at least one bonus or two. But you don’t get any of that here. What you do get though are some well-made BDSM and male domination, fetish and S&M scenes where the girls stay clothed and the hunky men get humiliated. This site will appeal both to women and to gay men, and any other guys who like to see sexy men stripped and used. It stays with its niche, it has good quality movies, the models range from hunky to cute and young, and you get exactly what the tour tells you that you will get.


Made me gasp and cross my legs most of the time. I don’t know how these guys put up with what happens to them, they must be very well paid. That poor young lad tied up, blind folded, and having a cane shoved up his ass, before having his ass spanked with it and then his balls even. The lady’s long fingernails scratching his sides. Ouch!

Great entertainment. I’ve joined some other similar sites where the girls stay dressed and they were American ones, and they were tame compared to this. This site doesn’t just give ‘hen parties’ like the USA sites do, it gives you real fetish content with lots of black and chains and leather. It is hard hitting and yet stays really, really horny. A big throbbing thumbs-up from me.

Yes but it is so basic, you may not want to play WMV files and you may want to stream online and not save movies to your machine and you can't do that. I would have thought there would be more download options, and streams but I didn’t find any. And I want to know more about the models, and the scenes. There is a lack of interactive stuff here which lets the site down.

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