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Camp Ursula

Camp Ursula

Content quality: 20.0 of 25
Content quantity: 21.0 of 25
Design and usability: 8.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 16.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 1 month: $23.95
  • 3 months: $58.44

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Site Details:

Camp Ursula

The world of pornography is so widely varied that you can find anything your brain can imagine. That’s not hyperbole, either. Anything that can be fetishized has been by at least once person and he believes strongly enough in it to put something on the internet about it. Lots of folks just want to see some good sucking and fucking but for plenty of others something a little more risque and naughty is required or at the very least desired. Camp Ursula seems like a site for those guys. It’s promoted as naughty from start to finish and they have lots of lovely preview pictures showing off what happens inside. It’s unclear who Ursula is though and if she has any actual effect on the site. Maybe it’s just a name they pulled out of thin air for fun.

Main idea:

Camp Ursula is a fetish site with what seems to be a focus on bondage. They have girls tied up all over the tour so it’s a fair assumption that’s what you’re getting. The ladies are beautiful with bodies that will have you dreaming dirty things and pretty faces. The pictures look high quality and the bondage looks sexy. The problem is it’s not entirely clear what the site is supposed to be giving you. Ursula isn’t really explained or pictured anywhere so she might not even exist. It makes me worry just a little bit about what I’m actually going to find inside.

Member's area:

Inside the site is a touch sloppy. No one thing is grossly bad it’s just that nothing about it stands out as pretty. Perhaps it’s that the pictures they use to tease the scenes are crappy screenshots or that some of the tables don’t line up or that there’s a lot of white space where there doesn’t really need to be. The most recent updates are on the main page but they start with the scenes to be added next. You’ll also find the top rated models from the entire network for that week and the nine most recently added videos.

Along the top of the page you’ll find the various destinations for your browsing pleasure. You can check out the models, movies, photo galleries, bonus sites, video feeds and they’ve thrown in some advertisements as well. I wish they could have avoided that last part but such is life. They have a search function you can use that’s pretty handy since it has a big list of categories to choose from. You can choose a category, a content type (pictures or videos) and put in a keyword if you’d like or you can just do one of the above.

The photo galleries are well organized with nice thumbnailed pages of pictures and zip files for every set. They generally display at 1024px, which is good but not quite good enough to garner high marks. The videos are downloadable in WMV and MPEG and they play at 1000kbps and 2000kbps, respectively. They’re not well displayed though. On some pages you get no pictures at all from the scene, just a link to the video. On others you get 3-6 pictures that give you some clue as to what happens during the scene. There are no descriptions though so it can be difficult to know what you’re downloading. Some scenes are broken into segments and some are full length but you don’t know which is which before you click.


Camp Ursula is a bit of an unfocused mess. There are 298 videos and 110 picture galleries. They update the movies once a week but they usually at 3-4 scenes at the same time so they’re doing well. The picture sets are no longer updated but they’re not all that interesting anyway so it’s no big loss. The messy party is in the types of content they’re putting forth. The tour makes it seem like this is going to be a bondage site but really it seems like they’re taking anything that falls into the fetish category and throwing it online.

I’m not sure of the source of the videos. They look sort of grainy, like they were filmed before the digital era and then transferred to online formats. Maybe they come from DVDs and maybe they were filmed specifically for the site. I would guess DVDs though based on how varied the content types are. For a solid month they’ll add nothing but videos featuring guys in diapers and then the next month it’s nothing but pregnant chicks getting fucked. I like that there’s variety but it’s so unfocused that I imagine a lot of people will simply be exasperated when trying to find the content that turns them on the most.

Other types of fetish porn include pissing, foot worship, anal sex, milf fucking, geeky guys fucking hot chicks, weird costumes, bondage, female domination, strapon sex where chicks fuck guys, anal fingering of guys and cbt. The first videos they ever uploaded are basically instructionals on how to do all sorts of stuff. Does a deepthroat video really qualify as anything you would have expected based on the tour for Camp Ursula? It’s also disappointing that a lot of the videos are split into 2-3 parts so the 298 is not really an accurate number. It’s more like 125 scenes split up to make the site seem bigger. A lot of this is just so frustrating. There are 11 bonus sites that all feature the same sort of maybe-from-DVD content with naughty overtones. It’s a nice little network but it’s definitely not high on the list of best sites around.

Cons and pros:


  • Lots of fetishes are covered;
  • Updated weekly with multiple videos;
  • Downloads are fast;
  • Bonus sites included.


  • Picture galleries stink;
  • Unfocused site with too many things covered;
  • Some content not fetishistic at all.

If you’re thinking about joining Camp Ursula you’re probably better off not visiting the tour at all. It’s just going to confuse you and make you think you’re getting something with the membership that you’re not. This is basically a fetish site with roughly 125-130 full scenes in all kinds of niches. The problem is that it’s too unfocused. They jump from diaper porn to prostate fingering to pregnant chicks getting fucked to strapon sex without staying in one place for very long. If you’re the kind of guy that gets aroused by anything kinky and bizarre then you’ll probably love the site and want to spend tons of time and money here. If there’s something specific that turns you on – bondage, for instance – then you should try another site.

Featured comments:

Camp Ursula is a weird site. It seems like they’re going for a bondage vibe when you first visit but when I joined and first logged in all I saw was guys in diapers eating pussy and getting fucked by strapon cocks. What the fuck? That was pretty much all I could think and it didn’t get a lot better as I browsed through the content.

It’s a bit of a stretch to call Camp Ursula a good site. I think I’d call it a poor-to-decent site if I was pressed. They do some things well but mostly it’s a big fucking mess and it’s hard to get excited about it because nothing feels well done. It seems like they half-assed the whole project and I need better than that with my porn.

I need something better and higher quality than they’re doing at Camp Ursula. I want a site that has a strong focus and sticks to it with their porn. I want high quality videos – these look good but they’re kind of old and grainy and that’s annoying – and I was better picture galleries than these lame sets.

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