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Cam GFs

Cam GFs

Content quality: 20.0 of 25
Content quantity: 14.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 1 month: $22.95
  • 40 days: $34.99

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Site Details:

Cam GFs

Webcam girls are exciting and if you’ve never seen a webcam show you’re missing out. It’s a unique experience no matter how it unfolds. The absolute best type is a one on one show where you’re directing the action. You tell the pretty girl what to do and she does it because she’s there to turn you on. Those are great but also exceptionally expensive. On average you’ll pay $2/minute and it can run you up to $5/minute. You could get a blowjob from a hooker for the amount of money it will take you to get off during some webcam shows. That’s why a site like Cam GFs is a good idea for those of us not swimming in cash. You get to download webcam shows and pay only a reasonable monthly fee to do so.

Main idea:

The idea behind Cam GFs is that these girls were secretly recorded by their boyfriends who then sold the videos to the site in an attempt to get revenge for a breakup. It’s a nice notion but it’s probably a bunch of crap since I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to post naked video of someone without their consent. Either way you’re getting webcam videos though so it’s a good idea if you’ve never seen a cam show before. There are four preview videos on the tour if you want to get a taste of what’s good. You can see that the ladies are hot at the very least.

Member's area:

The member’s area starts with a nearly blank page that contains a two sentence note about the update schedule. They promise 2-3 additions a week and so far they’ve been good about keeping it fresh. The site launched in December 2009 so it’s essentially been two months. They have 39 videos though so they’re clearly doing a good job of putting up new content. It’s not a big site yet and it won’t be for quite some time but the price is quite reasonable and if they update consistently you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

Each video comes with a small thumbnailed screenshot and some have a short description. Many don’t have any description at all and it’s hugely frustrating. How are you supposed to know what you’re watching? The descriptions they do have are typically not in depth enough to clue you in as to what’s actually going on during the video and there’s great frustration in that. It’s rare to find a video over 100mb though so it never takes long to download anything, thanks in part to the exceptionally fast servers.

A lot of the models show up in multiple videos and it would be nice if they had a model page so you could access everything a girl has done in one shot. As the site gets bigger I assume that will become more of an issue. The rest of the member’s area is a barren wasteland. There’s a page for links that will soon be filled with advertisements for other sites. The contact page has an email address. There’s no bonus content and no picture galleries of any kind. It’s kind of lonely in here.


Cam GFs starts at a disadvantage because watching a cam show secondhand pales in comparison to watching it live. When it’s live you might be the one controlling the action and at the very least you’re there while it’s happening so it has a fresh feeling. You can’t fast forward and every moment is rife with anticipation. It’s kind of awesome. At Cam GFs none of that is here so it’s really just a solo striptease and masturbation site. The problem is that the video quality is lower than on most other sites. The movies play at 640x480 and 1000kbps and because they’re almost all taken with webcams there’s often a lag where it looks like frames are getting skipped, etc.

That’s a genuine problem and it means that Cam GFs is really only worth it if you’re into the whole webcam thing. Let’s talk about that. I can’t quite put my finger on it but there’s a different connection between the viewer and the performer in a webcam video when compared to a traditional solo video. Even if it’s not live like the videos at Cam GFs there’s something going on there that raises the level of arousal. For some reason it feels like the girl is performing solely for you and it’s awfully sexy. That’s why it would be worth taking a chance on Cam GFs, especially if you’re curious about webcam videos. It’s only $22.95 for the first month and $20 every month after that.

With the exception of one video all the content at Cam GFs is solo (so far). That’s how it works with this stuff. The girls get in front of the camera and they pose in lingerie, strip, grope their titties, play with their pussies and more. The truth is that the possibilities are unlimited. The ladies are entertainers and they do a magnificent job of getting you hard and getting you off. My favorite girl on the site is Nicola, a sexy redhead with curly hair. Sarah Lou is a tasty Latina that wears lingerie and fucks her pussy with toys so she’s a treat too. The lack of bonus content is frustrating since the folks behind this site run a few others and it wouldn’t cost them anything to give you access to all of them when you purchase membership to one. They’re all small sites so it would make sense.

Cons and pros:


  • Good price;
  • Webcam videos for download;
  • Updates 2-3 times a week.


  • Small site;
  • No bonus content;
  • Video quality is lacking (not surprisingly).

I’m divided on my feelings about Cam GFs. On the one hand these are really just solo striptease movies and they’re not particularly high quality because they were filmed with a webcam. If they’re not live then they miss out on a lot of what’s great about a webcam video. On the other hand there’s a genuine connection between you and the webcam model even though she’s not doing it live for you. Your enjoyment of Cam GFs is going to depend almost entirely on whether or not you feel that connection. I would recommend visiting the tour and sampling the free videos on the second page. If you feel aroused by what you see then a membership is a good idea. That’s even truer if it’s six months from this writing and the site has gotten much larger in the interim.

Featured comments:

I’m not really into these videos at Cam GFs. I would much rather have a high definition striptease movie where the girl is a high quality pornstar or centerfold. She would get naked for me and play with her pussy. She would masturbate and finger and look really hot. These girls look kind of grainy.

I like what they’re doing at Cam GFs, I just wish the site was a little older. They’ve been online for like two and a half months and they don’t have much content. It totally didn’t feel worth paying $23 for the videos I got. I wish I had waited a few months so they could upload some more stuff.

It’s a little disappointing to log in and find such a small, sparsely populated site. It’s like they’re not making much of an effort. I know that’s not really true but that’s how it feels to me. I do like the movies though. If you get a chance you should download the movie starring Gab. She spends most of it shaking her big ass at the camera and she looks awesome.

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