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Brutal Facesitting

Brutal Facesitting

Content quality: 23.0 of 25
Content quantity: 20.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Brutal Facesitting

The epitome of a dominating woman, one who forces a man to lick her ass or pussy whilst sitting on their face, literally almost suffocating them! This fetish otherwise known as facesitting is the type of kinkiness you can enjoy here on Brutal Facesitting. Having been live since 2006, Brutal Facesitting could be considered a veteran site, and to that end the developers know exactly what facesitting fans are after. The site currently offers over 170 videos and 180 photo galleries with regular updates that are all 100% exclusive to the site. So if you’re hard pressed on finding a decent facesitting fetish site, Brutal Facesitting may be for you.

Main Idea:

If you’re new to facesitting then you must be warned that this type of fetish can get rather kinky, and if you’re already a big fan of femdom then you will certainly take a liking to this type of content which is essentially a more specific femdom fetish. As the name suggests the ladies on this site can get rather brutal with their submissive boy toys, there are even some episodes where there’s more than one lady giving the man a hard time. Watch as the submissive men are forced to lick pussy in the steamy episodes on offer, though given how pretty the models are, the men probably enjoy getting this type of kinky treatment.

Members Area:

The site actually has a fairly dark demeanour about it, with the site draped in black and red, it does seem rather appropriate given the kinky fetish nature of the site. Also worth noting is the fact that the site is very easy to look at for extended periods of time since the site does have a darker colorscheme. Not only is the site presentation full of character, but the site designers have given it a professional feel thanks to the neat layout of the site. All the objects within the pages are nicely spaced out making the site look nice and clean, eliminating that overcrowded feel some sites have by including too much content on one page. Overall the site presentation and layout of the site are spot-on.

Below the eye-catching top banner is the navigation menu which will allow members to traverse through the different sections of the site. This includes links to the video and photo galleries, along with other links such as extras and the models section. Below the navigation menu is an area which consists of information in regards to upcoming updates. This is always nice to have as it will keep member’s spirits up in knowing that there’s new content waiting for them just around the corner.

Located below the upcoming updates is the highest-rated section, this area will come in handy for new members who aren’t sure where to start as they can be sure these are the best episodes on offer as they have been voted by other fellow members. At the very bottom of the homepage is where members will come across the latest updates section.

This section has the 10 latest episodes presented in thumbnail form featuring a screen shot taken from the video to give members a rough idea on what they can expect to see. Each thumbnail also comes with information on when the episode was uploaded, a short description of the video, and the starring model’s name. To view the entire back catalogue of picture and video updates, members can simply utilize the links in the navigation menu.


Having been live since 2006 – the site has been up and running for roughly 7 years now, so it is a tad disappointing to see that there are 170 videos on offer. That’s not a small number by any stretch but for a site that has been live for as long as Brutal Facesitting has, one would expect that site to have a larger amount of content that that. On the other hand; facesitting content is hard to come across as it is a rather specific type of femdom porn. More leniency is earned by the fact that all of the content you see on this site is 100% exclusive, which is always a huge factor when it comes to pornsites. Exclusive content means these videos won’t be found anywhere else on the net, as only members of Brutal Facesitting will be the only ones who can enjoy the privilege of viewing these kinky facesitting fetish episodes.

So although the collection on offer can’t really be considered big for a site that’s been live for 6 years; it still does have its perks in the form of exclusivity, also the fact that the site is still quite active on updates. There’s no solid pattern with update dates, though it does look like the site gets updated with at least 2 videos per month, which averages out to a new updates every other week. In addition to the video content members also have over 180 photo galleries to check out, all of which are exclusive to the site as well.

The quality of the content on offer is quite good, not on par with true HD 1080dpi but they come in second at 720dpi which is still pretty good. All videos are available to download off the site in wmv format, and with no DRM restrictions; members can keep the videos they have downloaded for as long as they see fit. There is a DL limit of 1GB however, which does seem a little small given that some videos can get up to 200MBs in size.

Pros & Cons:


  • Kinky Facesitting episodes;
  • All exclusive content;
  • Active on updates;
  • Site has neat layout;
  • Great extras;
  • Great all around site.

There’s not much to complain about when it comes to Brutal Facesitting as the site is very well-rounded and does well on just about all the factors that count. Though it doesn’t excel on any given aspect, as the videos aren’t available in true HD and the collection of content is pretty mediocre for a site that has been up and running for 6 years. Though on the other hand the 720dpi videos still look great, and the content is exclusive and not to mention the fact that it is still active on updates after 6 long years which is quite an impressive feat. Certainly a site for facesitting and femdom fans to check out, as it is one of the better facesitting sites around.


Facesitting is a very specific niche and with that in mind the content on this site may not be for all femdom fans. Though it is incredibly arousing to watch a dominating woman bark orders and squat on the faces of men to get their pussies and assholes licked, very kinky indeed. I’ve seen a few facesitting sites around, but Brutal Facesitting is certainly one of the best available, definitely worth a look.

Being quite the quality nut I was a little disappointed to see that the site doesn’t offer 1080dpi true HD quality. However, as fussy as I am when it comes to quality; I still found the videos on this site fairly decent. Though that is probably because I was way too aroused with the kinky facesitting to even notice the quality.An all-around great site which femdom and facesitting fans will enjoy.

It goes without saying that this site is meant for fans only, facesitting isn’t the type of content for everyone, and even some femdom fans may find it a little too specific. But on the other hand if you are a fan of this type of fetish then you will enjoy what Brutal Facesitting has to offer. With over 170 videos and 180 pictures, not to mention 2 updates per month; there’s plenty of facesitting content here to keep fans busy for quite some time.

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