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Bound Ivy

Bound Ivy

Content quality: 23.0 of 25
Content quantity: 20.0 of 25
Design and usability: 5.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Bound Ivy

There are some decent looking offers at Bound Ivy where your membership gets you into some exclusive fetish content. There’s the promise of updates every Friday, so something new will get your weekend off to a kicking start. You can see exactly what is on offer from the tour because the tour pages are the members’ area (without the video access), and the whole thing is set up in a blog style, with an archive of posts available to browse. It all works well, you can simply download the clips and movies, or check out the girls in the model index.

Main idea:

A quick scroll down through the pages shows you exactly what kind of things these girls get up to. There are plenty of BDSM scenes to savour, and you've got a wide range of other fetish action going on as well. Dating right back to January 2010 you will find breath play, straight jackets, latex, masks, and all kinds of BDSM devices in use. The quality looks fine, there are brief introductions to the clips and the models get a bit of an intro when you check them out in the model index as well.

Members Area:

There are no secrets here, you see the members’ area exactly as it is before you sign up, and like I say, the whole thing runs like a blog, except it is a blog where the videos are protected by a password and you need to sign up to get that password. So, you start at page one and work your way back through the archives. These are set to on the right hand side, in date order, and a simple click will take you back to the month you want to see. The main content is laid out in the main column of the page for you and each post comes with a nicely sized image and a few words to describe it.

Click the download button and you will be asked for your membership details in order to continue. Once those are entered you shouldn’t need to re-enter them again in order to download the next file. It’s completely simple and there were no technical problems with the sites when I was viewing it. The download speed was also decently fast (200 kbps) so it didn’t take long for content to reach me.

There is a model index at Bound Ivy and you can find out a little bit more about each girl as you browse it, but most of the information you need is set out beneath each clip and you get to know the girls bit by bit; rather than having one page of stats per model. The site also has a search function so you can put in a keyword and see if that matches up with anything, and should you have any problems then there is a contact page for you to use as well. The top menu holds all the links you will need and so does that left column. You should have no problems at this site and navigation is easy.


You have around 15 hours’ worth of video viewing here with around 150 clips that can only be downloaded. There are no choices for viewing, you have to make do with the file you are given, and those files were WMV at 720 x 1,080 and 640 x 480 @ 1,000 kbps. The slightly unusual thing about them is that they come in zip files. You click the download link and enter your details (the first time per visit) and then you save the zip file to wherever you want to keep it. Then you need to unzip it; if this is unfamiliar to you it is pretty unusual for an adult site, but the software you need can be found for free, and it only takes a moment. That done, you can then run the clip. I found these movies ran for around five to 10 minutes and were very simple in concept.

What makes the site work are the different forms of BDSM and humiliation in use. For example, the most recent movie when I was at the site was a wrapped girl escaping from her bondage. That was it, a few minutes of the sound and sight of a girl breaking free. Other movies go further with mass and humiliations, with harder bondage scenes and with some S&M from time to time. But mainly you are looking at a pure fetish site without the need for sex. You get off on what fantasies these movies inspire, rather than anything gratuitous.

They come with galleries as well, at least some of them do. You will see ‘zip file’ beneath the sample shot of the clip and again you must download the zip and then unpack it to view. Once you do, you find individual images at 720 x 1,080 in size, and galleries held various numbers of pics each. As with the videos, the quality is good and there are no complaints from me on that score.

Pros & Cons:


  • Exclusive BDSM scenes;
  • Always stays on target with pure fetish action;
  • Decent quality;
  • Hot girls in inventive scenes;
  • Simple and straightforward to use.


  • Zip file downloads of clips and only in one format;
  • Not full length scenes;
  • No extras and not a lot of written detail.

Although it has a rather unusual set-up, Bound Ivy delivers some creative and unusual fetish scenes. The quality is good, the site is easy to use and there are indeed weekly updates happening. The girls are also hot. The videos are basic: no choice of download options, no streams, not long in terms of run times and they simply bring you fetish action with sexy girls bound, gagged, masked and humiliated in natural soundtracks and simple filming. It’s a reasonable price to pay for what you can collect. The neat thing is that you can see exactly what to expect from the tour where everything apart from the downloads is available to you. Well worth a checking out.


A bit of a collectors’ item if you ask me. I think these movies are neat, straight to the point, no messing around, great models who have fun and also get scared and noisy. I like the variety, I like the way it’s all open and honest and I think it’s a good value site. It’s nice to see a blog that holds special content and you feel very special when you know you are able to download the clips.

It’s OPK, I've seen better. I mean, if you are going to make a fetish site why not have a proper members’ area, proper streams and downloads more choice of files types, and bigger galleries? You could get the girls to be interviewed and find out how they feel, you could make the scenes longer. Perhaps I just need a different site but I found his one a bit too simple for my taste.

All those things aside what comes over well here are the girls and how they get off on their fetish stuff. Watch their faces, see how they are enjoying being tied, gagged, bound, masked, and wrapped up. It’s unusual to find so much breath control action. I like it, the quality is fine the downloads don’t take long, it all works nice and well and is simple to use; as long as you can handle the unzipping of the files part.

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