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Bound Gods

Bound Gods

Content quality: 23.0 of 25
Content quantity: 16.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 16.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 1 month: $34.95
  • 6 months: $117.95
  • 2 months: $59.95
  • 3 months: $69.95

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Content updates: Weekly | Review last updated:

Site Details:

Bound Gods

How many genuinely high quality gay hardcore bondage sites have you come across in your journeys on the internet? I'm betting that the number is pretty low even though there's presumably a pretty sizable desire for this sort of stuff. Maybe they can't find guys willing to model that sort of thing. I don't know the answer to why but I do know that if you visit Bound Gods you could very well find that you won't need another gay bondage site ever. By all accounts it's a big, beautiful site with weekly updates featuring hot guys tied up, abused and then fucked hard up the ass. The folks that produce the site actually have a ton of experience in the bondage world and while most of their sites deal with straight sex there's no reason to believe this one is going to be much different. I can't wait to get in there and have a look around.

Main idea:

First and foremost Bound Gods is a site stuffed with gorgeous dudes and their hot bodies. One guy is the dominant one and he's in full control of the scene. He makes his submissive do his bidding and he involves ropes, whips, chains, hot wax and plenty more to have his sexual fun. There's even CBT for the guys that really enjoy pain. They produce exceptionally long movies with some of them running more than an hour. Every scene includes some hot and hard fucking too so for gay bondage fans they have it all.

Member's area:

Once you log in it looks almost exactly the same as the tour. It's always a good sign when a site is willing to share everything they have with potential members because it means they're very confident in what they offer. The folks at Bound Gods have good reason to be confident because the site is remarkable. The updates page is where you'll want to go first because that's where all the gay bondage hardcore goodies await with the latest scene at the top of the page and six more listed below it.

Every page has seven scenes listed and they list 13 small pictures from each to help you make a choice. Do you want to download the video where the guy is getting drenched in hot wax or the one where his balls have weights attached to them to bring him great pain? You can check out the picture galleries which are beautiful at 1200px or you can go right to the videos which are equally amazing at 1280x720. That's true high definition and it's fucking astounding. Watching a hot sub's asshole get pumped with hard cock in HD is way better than I expected.

They've smartly segmented the scenes so you can choose what you want to see. If you're only interested in the hardcore gay bondage fucking then they have a separate clip with that so you don't waste bandwidth or time. If you want to see the guy all tied up with his dick in rope then you can grab that part too. Most of the scenes are divided into 5-8 segments that all have distinct themes. You can understand why they usually end up producing an hour of gay bondage porn. They have a lot they want to cover.


Let me just say that Bound Gods is the best gay bondage hardcore site I've ever seen and I've had enough experience to know that it's exceedingly rare to find such quality available to you. Most scenes have two guys; one is the dominant and one is the submissive, at least most of the time (occasionally they let them both play dominant but that's rare). The guys are almost all really hunky with impressive muscular builds, big cocks and cut faces. Sometimes the submissive is slim and twink-like but that's just fine by me since it's perfectly fitting.

The variety at Bound Gods is one of the most impressive aspects. They do bondage of all shapes and sizes, utilizing ropes and chains, bondage devices, hot wax and other painful tortures. A good whipping or spanking is a part of most scenes and the guys getting abused are always so good about letting you know how much it hurts. There's nothing hotter than seeing the camera pointed at his face and witnessing the look of anguish that runs across it when the whip makes contact with his tender ass. The butts are usually bright red by the time the punishment is over but in truth it's just beginning since they do a whole lot of content in every scene.

There are 41 scenes at Bound Gods and they've been updating every week like clockwork since they launched. They will continue to do so as well. If you're worried about not having enough content just wait a while and the site will grow. I like a little variety even in my bondage porn sites and I was thrilled to find a very hot gangbang movie that ran almost eighty minutes long. It was wild seeing a guy tied up and bent over while a line of dudes with rock hard cocks stepped up to his ass and punched their dicks inside. That one is still my favorite but there are so many great scenes to choose from it's not hard to find something to love at Bound Gods.

Cons and pros:


  • The best gay bondage hardcore content on the web;
  • Weekly updates with exclusive content;
  • The high definition videos are gorgeous;
  • The guys are super hunky.


  • A little pricey at $34.95/month;
  • Still a little small with just over 40 scenes.

I'm sure there are other gay bondage hardcore sites on the internet that come close to what Bound Gods offers but I'm also sure that none can surpass it unless they have a shitload of videos. They take great care to craft amazing hardcore movies featuring sexy submissives giving control over to hunky dominant guys. The bondage is impressive and in depth and you know they're experiencing genuine pain by looks on their faces when they get whipped or when their balls are tugged on. Most of the scenes are 40-60 minutes long and they're available in beautiful high definition (the most recent scenes are super HD and fucking tasty). Finally, the hardcore sex is amazing and it's the perfect way to finish one of these great scenes.

Featured comments:

The only complaint I would level against Bound Gods is that they don't have enough content at this point. 41 scenes is a pretty fair amount but they're asking $35/month for access and that's a whole lot. There aren't many other sites that do this kind of content though so you have to ask if it's worth the money for something unique and amazing.

They're definitely asking too much money for this site. $34.95 is too much money for any adult site and while I understand that the content is unique and exceptionally hot they should still be charging just a little less. That being said I don't regret having joined because the porn is really hot.

I love Bound Gods. I love this site with all my heart and even though it's probably not worth $35/month for four updates I still pay it because I've never had better orgasms than when I'm sifting through the porn they have here. Most of the videos are so long that I end up getting several jack sessions from each so it's all good.

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