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Boozed GFs

Boozed GFs

Content quality: 20.0 of 25
Content quantity: 8.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 20.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 20.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Boozed GFs

Network Details:

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We all know that when women get drunk they are more entertaining. Hell, when anyone gets drunk they tend to be more entertaining (as long as they don’t get too drunk and start vomiting or hitting people). When you get a chick buzzed and her inhibitions start to go out the window it’s easy to get a few more drinks in her and take her to that place where she’s willing to do anything as long as it’s pleasurable. That’s how you get chicks at parties making out with each other, showing their tits to the world and occasionally having full-on lesbian sex. That’s how you get drunk babes giving blowjobs in public or getting fucked at some all chick party at a night club. That’s how you get a site like Boozed GFs, where all the ladies are loaded and doing anything that comes to mind because it feels good.

Main idea:

Boozed GFs is an account of what happens when you get women drunk enough that they’re not thinking clearly. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing though. Getting women super drunk and then fucking them silly is actually pretty awesome, especially when the babes are as hot as those pictured on the tour for this site. They are youthful, sexy and horny as hell for big cock and a hard pounding. It looks like they have tons of party content and seeing party girls behaving badly is guaranteed to be a thrill.

Member's area:

You’re dropped into the member’s area for the Ex GF Pass when you first log in. You get access to the whole network when you become a member of Boozed GFs and it’s pretty cool. There’s a ton of content and since Boozed GFs isn’t a big site you’re going to need all that extra stuff to feel like you’re getting your money’s worth. The main page has the latest updates, the most popular girls, the hall of fame scenes and links to the categories along with a fair number of ads, including a few annoying ones for cams.

Boozed GFs can be found by clicking on the sites link at the top of the page. You get to the hot drunken girl porn and you see the most recent picture gallery and video additions. Content here is not added all that often but the scenes seem to be quite lengthy so it’s less like they’re adding quick amateur clips and more like they’re adding full length episodes (in some cases; in other cases it’s a four minute clip so they should be updating more often). You click a thumbnailed picture to watch a scene and it starts streaming as soon as you hit the play button. The streams are low resolution though so it can be hard to properly appreciate the content. You want to download the 640x480 video to see it as it was meant to be seen.

The pictures display at 850px by default and if you make use of the full screen slideshow you get a much higher quality picture. If you don’t want the slideshow then you’ll just have to suffer the lower quality pictures. The chief problem here at Boozed GFs is that many of the videos don’t work. They don’t seem to have been uploaded. I found 11 that were simply not working and when the entire site features 30 videos that means one third of the content you’re paying for doesn’t exist. They should probably be doing better than that.


Boozed GFs is basically an amateur party girl site. I’ve never heard of parties like these but apparently they exist. The girls all show up and get pretty well lubed. Then male strippers come out and do some dancing while the ladies scream and dance and get crazy. As the scenes at Boozed GFs show some of the ladies will suck dick and a few will even get fucked. Now that is one hell of a party but it doesn’t seem like any guys other than the male strippers get invited. That’s pretty sad for the rest of us.

The site is small. Only 19 working videos and 18 picture galleries make up the content and that’s not much for $25/month. Some of the scenes are really short too so in reality you’re not getting 19 full length movies. On the other hand some are almost an hour long so it’s a mix. The girls at these parties are generally very attractive and they really get totally wild. To see that wildness unfold is arousing in a way that’s more than just the girl being hot. She’s good looking but it’s her sluttiness that ends up being so attractive. You can tell she’s just crazy for cock in the moment she’s on camera sucking it and stroking it and you then dream of spending some time along with her so you can unlock that craziness.

Boozed GFs isn’t worth the money on its own. Too much of the content is broken and the streaming videos are too small to look good. What’s worth it is the network of bonus amateur porn sites that come with your membership. All told you get more than 800 videos and 1300 picture galleries and that should be more than enough to give you hundreds of orgasms. They have easy categories so you can browse the content and they update several times a day with fresh picture galleries and videos. I have complaints about the layout and the sheer number of links they cram on every page but that’s pretty common on an amateur porn site. This is one of the best in the genre.

Cons and pros:


  • Crazy amateur party girls;
  • Lots of bonus content.


  • A full third of the videos are broken;
  • Updates are slow;
  • Expensive for so little content.

Boozed GFs is a site saved by its bonus content. They have 19 videos and 18 picture galleries and they all feature hot party girls being crazy. These party girls are amateur and they come in all shapes and sizes but the one thing they have in common is a love of dancing and naked men. They want to see the guys take their clothes off and get naughty and the guys deliver. There’s amateur dick sucking at these drunken parties and some of the ladies take it beyond that. They’re supposed to have 30 videos but a third of them are broken, which is a huge disadvantage. The streams are too low quality to be enjoyable so you have to download the videos. The high resolution pictures are only available in the slideshow. There are issues here and they can be irritating. The bonus sites overcome all of it though for those that are fans of genuine amateur porn.

Featured comments:

I’m stunned by the videos that don’t work. The page is setup but the video won’t stream and can’t be downloaded. It’s like they simply failed to upload the thing. They added it as though it was an update and then you get there and there’s nothing. It’s the sort of thing that speaks to laziness on the part of the site’s creators.

I’m not a fan of the busy design. It slows the site down. When there are 40 pictures that have to load on every page because they’re linking to all the different parts of the site and they’re putting up ads it’s a little difficult to enjoy the experience I’ve been presented with. I resent that they’re making it difficult for me.

I’ve already built a pretty big collection of amateur porn from visiting this site and I don’t care about the other issues. To be honest the amateur party girl content isn’t very good. The rest of the stuff is what’s awesome. I like seeing all those gorgeous amateur babes sucking cock and getting fucked. I like the hot pictures too.

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