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Body Parts

Body Parts

Content quality: 23.0 of 25
Content quantity: 22.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Body Parts

The closest close-ups on the web are promised to you at Body Parts, a unique site that’s got class stamped all over it. You’re in for extreme close up shots of all parts of all kinds of girls, these are promised as good quality images and as high definition videos too. The sign up price is actually pretty low for any adult site, so there’s a bargain to be had, and you sign up through a tried and trusted company, so there are no worries there. You’re going to find it easy to slip into a site that’s definitely one for the specialist collector of excellent photography.

Main idea:

Avoiding puns like ‘the sum of its parts’ and all that, I can tell you that the members’ area here is arranged in various… parts. You've got more going on that just close up images of pussy and boobs, cum shots and squirting, peeing and ass. Although that is what the main thrust of the site is, as the tour has shown you. Once inside though you also find links to Frannie Adam’s blog, where the photographer keeps you up to date with what’s being photographed and what’s going on with the site, company and backstage. Frannie also carries out reviews of other sites, books and DVDs and you've got an area for this too, and there are other links and places to explore too. So, close up shots and whole lot more beside is on offer here.

Member's area:

And you start out at a very simple home page where the pink colouring of the tour continues. The whole site has a nice and smooth feel to it, it all works fine and there is a relaxing calmness about this pick look. But on the home page… here you've got a menu at the top and one at the bottom, and eight square icons/images to take you to the eight most important parts of the site.

These are pretty self-explanatory: Updates will show you what’s recently been added and the sample shots on these pages are, like the home page, neatly set out. Close up shots of whatever is new: a shaved pussy, a hairy pussy, a pair of boobs, a face… Upload dates are given and you have videos and galleries arranged in separate areas on this page. The model directory, also linked from the menus and home page, is also a simple affair with good sample shots of the girls leading to stats and appearances.

Photos are set out as hardcore or soft, and come with good sample images and titles to click. Then you get into viewing individual galleries and pics and you find sensible, simple navigation tools for browsing. And, when you come to the videos, you find simple instructions for downloading. You’re also able to play online (though I tried in Firefox and couldn’t) and there are links to software if needed, and also instructions for Mac users. So technically you should have everything covered here.

Basically, your members’ area is very simply designed and yet it looks good. There is lots of pink and white and clear text, which makes it look like a rather feminine magazine, but that then helps focus your mind on the content. And the content is very easy to get to and view, so you should have absolutely no problems once you've signed in here.


Content, as I say, is divided up into galleries and videos and then sub-divided into hard and soft core. You also find amateur archives and close-up archives, in the photo department, so you've actually got four areas to explore. Numbers are impressive: 245 soft-core, 140 hardcore, over 400 amateur and 460 plus Body Parts galleries, each with their own numbers of individual pics. And in the video area: 217 soft-core, 175 hardcore, and 289 amateur videos that download in WMV format at resolutions around 1280 x 720. These are high definition video as the quality is good, you've got no worries on that score.

These are also a mix of solos, simple close up views of various parts of the women, from nipples to toes and from stretched wide pussies to asses, form male cum shots on tits to sexy faces and pouting lips. There’s a neat variety of action too so it’s not just a close-in view every time, you've got your more standard hardcore and it’s all well made and put together.

So, thinking about your content here you've actually got a lot. I mean, you’ve got the standard contributions that many an adult site would have, but you’ve got the added bonus of the actual close-in shooting and photography that sets this site apart from all the rest. And the fact that it’s is all good quality and high definition simply makes it even more of a desirable place to be.

But then there is slightly more: you can search around the other areas of the site either from the top menu or the homepage and find Frannie’s books and DVDs to sample and buy. There’s also her ‘Red Bush’ blog for more reading and more images to look at, and her reviews area, which looks very much like a blog and which holds news and information, plus reviews of course, about some other top sites that will interest you. So, as well as your standard pics and vids you get a great deal more at this hot site.

Bonus features:

I guess all the extras like the blogs, reviews and so on, count as bonus features, though they are all included in your not-very-expensive membership. I did check out the ‘our friends’ area hoping to find more galleries or videos, but actually only found links to other sites that may contain close up photography. Not to worry, you’re not paying very much for a shed load of content, so who needs bonuses?

Cons and pros:


  • Exclusive and very good photography;
  • The site stays with its unusual niche and lets you have more generic porn too;
  • It’s all very well designed and put together so navigation is easy;
  • Updates are happening and there is regular news on the blog;
  • This site and the people behind it take the fetish very seriously and it shows.


  • Not much by way of extras, though there are reviews and blogs;
  • You can only download in WMV format and only in the resolution given so here’s not much choice for video viewing;
  • Some slideshows and zip files with galleries would be good.

Hats off to Body Parts, if you see what I mean. It’s an unusual site and a good one to come across by way of a change. It’s all great quality, it gives you lots of variety, lots of content and lots of extras with blogs and reviews. You can tell the site takes what it does very seriously and that it knows its subject matter. It also likes to treat its members well and you get a good service from the site with easy navigation, a good design, and easy to follow links and instructions. You’re kept up to date and the best part…? Well, the close up sots of sexy body parts, fannies, ass, pussy, mouths, you name it this site has it all, and right up close too.

Featured comments:

Not seen such a site before and I was very impressed by it. Not only is it not very expensive to join but it gets updates all the time too, and there is already a load of stuff in here to see. You could be looking around inside for days and still not see everything that’s available. I was well impressed by this site.

The close up photography is perfect. They really do know their stuff. It’s a great collection and there are many items in here that you’re going to want to collect and save. I like the way you get the information about the models too and the way that you can see that these models are as into what they are doing as the photographers are. And as we are of course. Great site, perfect content.

Yes indeed. You don’t have to pay much to get good quality here. It would be good to have other formats for movies, and slideshows for galleries (or did I miss them?) and an easier way to stream movies online, like Flash or something. Technically it is very simple. But in terms of quality and staying on target wit what it promises on the your, it’s perfect.

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