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Bisex HD

Bisex HD

Content quality: 23.0 of 25
Content quantity: 11.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 16.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 3 days: $1.95
  • 1 month: $29.95

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Site Details:

Bisex HD

Network Details:

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Some would say that bisexual guys are greedy. They don't want to have to pick a sex so they pick both and then they fuck their way through life enjoying pussy and asshole and cock along the way. Others would say that bisexual guys are smart because they don't artificially limit their desires. They don't cut off one half of the population from their sexual possibilities. If you're not into bisexual fucking then you probably shouldn't be here; if you are then you've come to the right place to discover hot threesomes featuring two dudes and a girl where no hole is off limits. The fucking that unfolds is passionate and pleasurable at BiSex HD and the stars are young, horny and slutty as hell. It's hard to beat high definition, too.

Main idea:

Pornography was taken to new heights when the high definition revolution hit. Incredible resolutions were possible and you could see the dicks, pussies and tits of performers in a whole new light (you could see their flaws too, but that's another story). BiSex HD has jumped into the field as one of the few sites to offer bi threesome action in high definition. Take a trip by the tour and you'll get a look at a few free preview movies featuring sexy guys and hot girls getting it on in bisex threesomes.

Member's area:

The image that greets you upon logging in to BiSex HD is that of a guy getting fucked in the ass while his dick is being sucked by a hot chick. Isn't that the bisexual dream? Isn't that what all greedy bisexual guys are eventually hoping to experience? If you aren't lucky enough to have had that experience yet you can live it vicariously here. The latest updates are on the main page along with the top rated bisexual hardcore scenes and some of the bonus sites.

They have a picture gallery and a video for each fantastic fuck scene and when you hit the updates page you'll find five of them listed per page. They have a nice description and three pictures to titillate you and then it's your chance to pick the picture gallery or the video. As the name suggests the videos are high definition and while the bit rate isn't sky high the resolution is 1280x720 and the clips looked crystal clear. They also have a DVD quality clip and two lower resolution files if you're on a slow connection or you want to get started immediately.

They broke each scene into eight parts so you can download only the specific content you want. You can also grab the full length clip for the purposes of storing it long term on your computer. I was surprised that the pictures are only 1000px. When a site does HD content I expect them to do the same with their pictures or at least come close. These are serviceable though. The list of bonus sites is annoying to browse because they mix in these crappy, streaming only leased sites with the ones that have actual downloadable content.


The biggest issue BiSex HD suffers from becomes apparent the moment you hit the content page. They only have 15 scenes and they haven't updated in a long time so this is a tiny site. There are lots of bonus sites but most of them feature non-exclusive content and the two that have bisexual fucking are totally non-exclusive, which means you could find the stuff on another site and that it's not very good. It's a real shame because they've done some great work here in producing high definition bisexual fuck scenes that should have you all spicy for some hot action.

I thought it was a little odd that almost all the participants in these scenes are Latin. I guess they must have filmed all the content in a Latin country. Maybe it's easier to get guys to go bisexual down there. If you don't like Latin dudes and Latina chicks then you're not going to like BiSex HD, unfortunately. Each scene features two guys and a girl hooking up and they generally give you a little bit of everything. The guys fuck each other and suck each other. They fuck the girl, they do a fuck chain where the dude is getting fucked while he's fucking the chick. One dude eats pussy and gets fucked from behind. One dude is sucking dick while fucking a chick. It's pretty much everything a bisexual porn site could offer, just in really small portions.

The sites don't differ from each other very much. One is a whole lot like the next so you might end up kind of bored even though there are only 15 scenes. If they could have done a little something to make things different; even putting the girls in different lingerie or costumes would have done the trick. It's a hot site but in the end it's incomplete and it's a stretch to say that it's worth $30/month, which is basically $2 per scene and is far more than most bisexual sites charge. Having the movies in high definition is a big plus though so you have some things to consider. I wouldn't let the bonus content sway you too much. It's a glorified DVD download site with a few exclusive sites mixed in.

Cons and pros:


  • High definition videos look great;
  • Bisexual threesomes give you everything you could possibly want;
  • A large network of bonus sites.


  • Only 15 scenes;
  • No updates;
  • Scenes are all Latin, which could be bad for some of you;
  • Bonus sites don't give you much in the way of exclusive content.

BiSex HD is an example of potential being wasted. It's a good start for a site as they made high definition bisexual videos featuring two guys and a girl with no holes off limits. That's a good formula but they stopped updating after only fifteen scenes were filmed. Did it get too expensive? Were not enough people joining? It's hard to say but it's a small site and if you're looking purely for bisexual content you should probably steer clear unless you simply can't find any other high definition action in the genre. The bonus sites are nice but they're almost all non-exclusive featuring scenes pulled from DVDs. Those kinds of sites are a dime a dozen and much better versions can be found elsewhere.

Featured comments:

There are so many sites online that give you a tiny little collection of content and then never update again. It's something I don't think I'll ever understand. I just can't figure out why they wouldn't want to give you more than a handful of scenes. Do they really expect people to hang out for that small amount of content?

I hate the fact that BiSex HD is all Latin people. I don't have anything against them as a race or anything, but I don't really like seeing them in my porn films. I prefer white guys and girls and that means this site is off limits for me. No matter how hot the bisexual fucking and sucking is I'm simply not going to be interested.

The bonus content here pales in comparison to what other sites offer. They have more than 80 sites, true, but most of them are collections of non-exclusive movies that you could find on any good DVD download site. I guess it's nice that you get those plus 15 bisexual scenes but it's still not all that impressive.

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