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Beach Boyfriends

Beach Boyfriends

Content quality: 17.0 of 25
Content quantity: 10.0 of 25
Design and usability: 6.0 of 10
Originality: 15.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 16.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Beach Boyfriends

Beach Boyfriends is one site in the Boyfriend Pass Network, and that’s a network that sets out to bring you amateur videos and galleries with various themes. The main idea of it, so they tell us, is that they take content from ‘hacked’ social networking sites and present it to you in a varied members’ area. So you get the idea that there are guys out there who never expected their home made content to appear on a membership site. We’re also offered access to nine other ‘BF’ sites and two bonus departments when we sign up, and we are told that the network updates every day.

Main idea:

And your main content, as promised, is all about guys at the beach. There are videos shot on mobile phones and home cam-corders, there are galleries too, and you can expect to see lots of hot young guys in their Speedos and trunks and hopefully out of them too. You can also send in your own content if you really want to get involved. Along with this fun on the sand collection though comes a set of several other categories of content, all with the same home-produced style to it. So expect the kind of content you sometimes find on adult Tube style sites and on social networking pages.

Member's area:

My first thought, when viewing the members’ area here, was that there weren’t exactly seven other sites to view, rather seven other categories of content. You look at the home page and find sample shots from places such as Ripped BFs and Little Asian BFs, and you click on your beach themed one to change the page. You will have to scroll down to see what you have just changed as these top sample images dominate the page. But when you've scrolled you find index pages listing samples of videos and galleries on the beach fun theme.

Right at the top of the page though is a menu of items. Here you can always return home, you can click to Adult DVDs to find a big set of the network’s videos, there is a link to Live Cams and Chat but this takes you to an advisement page for an up-sell site. Yes, you may be able to find some free action here, but you will probably have to sign up to see it all. And you also have, in your top menu, a link to Bonus Sites. This is a page which simply lists the seven BF sites and two additional collections of porn, and it’s the same set of links as you have on your home page.

I did try the ‘submit’ button, but found only a blank window opened, and I also tried the ‘delete my picture’ link at the bottom of the pages, and found that it was an email link, so you can write in and demand to have your content removed, if you find it has been ‘hacked’ from somewhere and added.

When it came to viewing content I found that I was able to rate it, and add it to a favourites area that didn’t seem to exist. I have to say that I found the members’ area simple in design, but a bit clumsy in operation.


And as for the actual content… Well, don’t expect grand things, but do expect home made style movies and professional looking galleries. To be precise, there were 21 video clips and 20 galleries when I was looking, the galleries held 30 images each and the videos ran for between 17 seconds and five minutes.

Viewing options for the clips were fine; there is in fact a large selection of ways to download and stream the content here with a choice of file sizes and resolutions too. You can stream in three kinds of player, Flash, WMV and Mpeg, and download in the same, plus 3Gp and Mp4 files. These don’t take long to get to you, mainly because the files are pretty small.

The quality is going to vary. Some of the clips were fine, others were clearly home cam style and from phones, but as long as you accept hat this is the kind of quality you get from this kind of self-submitted content, you won’t be complaining. You might complain that some of the photos are probably not stolen from social networking sites, and that some of the bonus content is from studios, but if you can look past that you should have some fun with your Beach Boyfriends. Where the ‘boyfriend’ part comes in is a bit of a mystery, I guess is means it’s about boys on the beach who may or may not be someone’s BF, but what you mainly have here are candid shots of guys caught unawares in their swimwear. There is little nudity, but some nice flashes of cocks behinds wet Speedos and some very cute looking guys who didn’t know they were being filmed and presented in this way.

This was a good-fun set of content to browse through, especially if you collect images of sexy guys in Speedos and the like, but it didn’t take me very long to get through it all.

Bonus features:

Which is where the bonuses come in. Rather than being sites though, these other collections are more like categories, with Asians, bears, ripped guys, college boys and black guys all having a section of their own. Yes, there are many more home-style videos and galleries here, so that’s fine. And you also have a set of content from Twinks Pounded and a stock of other studio produced clips and video scenes to view.

Cons and pros:


  • There is variety in all the extra sites/categories;
  • The content does have a homemade and amateur feel and look to it;
  • There are some very sexy boys caught unawares on the beach;
  • It’s easy enough to access the content and run the site.


  • There is not a lot of content here;
  • No all of it is genuine ‘hacked’ from tube site content;
  • There is not a lot of information about what you are looking at;
  • I didn’t find a way of sending in my own content;
  • The site is not very interactive.

Having had a look around this and the extra sites, I would say that this is not the largest collection of home porn ever, though it is nice to have all the beach themed content stored in one place. You will probably find similar and more of this kind of stuff on adult tube sites, but here you have it neatly arranged and easy to find, and it comes with some studio porn as well. It won’t take you long to get through the Beach Boyfriends content nor the additional stock in the extra categories, but you are promised updates and you never know, you may even see someone on here that you know.

Featured comments:

Not the best site of its kind around, I found the look was old-world and a bit old fashioned looking. I was also a bit confused as to whether the bonus DVDs were actually just the videos that you find on the other sites – which are not really sites at all, just different kinds of themed content. It was fun for a while but then…

What is really neat about this site, and the others, is that you can spend hours on a tube site trying to find your kind of thing, in my case, boys in beach-wear, and yet here you've got it all found for you and put in one easy to access place. There are lots of clips to view and lots of photos and they tell us that they are constantly adding more. I like the variety of the extras too and I intend to stay around for a long while yet.

It’s all a bit basic if you ask me and after a short while it become s bit of a pain to use. The clips can be really short, so when you've finally got one to buffer or download you watch it for half a minute and think, ‘is that it?’ I don’t know, it didn’t ring quite right for me; too small, to clumsy, didn’t look great and I though it was over priced.

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