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BB Trannies

BB Trannies

Content quality: 19.0 of 25
Content quantity: 1.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 1 month: $29.95
  • 3 months: $23.31

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Site Details:

BB Trannies

Network Details:

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BB Trannies 62

The world of tranny porn is a lot bigger than you might think. There are hundreds of famous shemale pornstars and thousands more that would love to be famous. There are millions of transsexuals in the world and some of them are sexy enough and horny enough to get on camera and fuck. There are even more that are willing to prostitute themselves if you’re looking for a date. Given all that it’s a little surprising that the one thing you don’t find much of is shemale bareback porn. Anal sex is inherently more dangerous than vaginal sex but there are enough bareback gay sites that you’d think the lusty shemales would be willing to get in on the action. It’s not the case though. That’s why when a site like BB Trannies comes along it’s something to get excited about. I can’t wait to see what kind of content they have inside.

Main idea:

BB Trannies is one of the few sites online to exclusively features shemales getting fucked without condoms. The hard dicks push into their tight assholes and fuck them with authority and power. The sluts sometimes get to fuck their men too. It’s a hardcore extravaganza where everyone gets off and you’re invited to play. Doesn’t that sound like a damn good time? The babes of BB Trannies are hot and they’re previewed on the tour. Most are of the Latina/Brazilian variety and they typically have tremendous bodies. You can watch a few preview videos if you want a sample.

Member's area:

The member’s area retains the same design aesthetic as the tour and it’s quite pleasant to browse. You can see the next updates teased at the top of the page and below that the most recent episodes are listed. They’re updating once a week and have been doing so since they went live. Some of the sets come with a picture gallery and that’s added at the same time as the video. The main page also features links to the three bonus sites that come with a membership, the top rated movies and a few advertisements they keep all the way at the bottom of the page.

They provide a drop down list of categories for browsing the content and you can see a list of all the models that have appeared on the site as well. If you eschew using those browsing options you can just go by the date the content was added. The photo galleries are a nice resolution at 1280x720 and there’s a zip file if you want to download. You can leave a comment for any set to let the site’s producers know how you feel. They appreciate the feedback.

Each movie can be viewed in a streaming Flash player that’s roughly 600 pixels wide. It’s big enough and it looks good. It loads nice and fast too. You can download the min smaller parts in MP4 or WMV and then they have a full length file in two resolutions. It’s annoying that the videos are kind of low quality. 640x480 is not the resolution of a modern site and this one went live not too long ago so they should really be producing higher quality video. It’s possible these aren’t exclusive scenes and they have no control over that. The video quality is one of the major drawbacks though.


My guess is that some of the content at BB Trannies is exclusive and some of it is grabbed from a DVD. The scenes with picture galleries are likely to be the ones they shot themselves. Everything else is different enough that it seems to have come from a separate source. Using that as a measuring stick there are 8 exclusive shemale bareback scenes and 13 that were just pulled from a DVD. That cheapens the site a little bit, to be honest. The bareback sex is great and the exclusive scenes are even better but they really should have worked just a little bit harder to create something more meaningful for the folks paying a membership fee.

The content is a mixed bag as far as what unfolds during the scenes. The video with Kalena Rios is my favorite because it seems as though there’s genuine passion between her and the guy at certain points. They’re making out as it begins and the tongue swapping is fantastic. She fucks him and then he fucks her. He pulls out right before cumming and jizzes on her legs and stomach while she shoots her load from masturbating at the same time. They tease anal creampies on the tour and there are a few of them. It’s not commonplace though. Instead it’s facials, tits shots and that sort of stuff that dominate the collection of naughty fuck scenes.

They’re still updating once a week and if they keep that up it will get a lot better. The problem is that all the sets teased in the future are the non-exclusive variety. It’s not that impressive if they’re just picking and choosing scenes from DVDs. However, I would still consider joining because your membership includes access to two tremendous shemale DVD sites and a bisexual site. These are two of my favorite DVD download sites for shemale porn because they make the effort to actually categorize each individual scene. They pull them from the DVDs, take the best stuff and get really specific about where it goes. That makes finding exactly what you want so much easier, especially if you’re into the narrower niche stuff.

Cons and pros:


  • Three bonus sites available;
  • Fairly unique type of content;
  • Some passion between the performers.


  • Really small site;
  • Not all of the content is exclusive;
  • Videos are surprisingly low resolution.

BB Trannies features shemale bareback fucking but it’s far from a perfect site. The main flaw is that much of the content is non-exclusive and could be found at a shemale DVD download site. It means they’re not making nearly as much effort as I’d like to see and the $30/month cost of the site doesn’t feel like nearly as good a deal because of it. That being said there are some really hot scenes here and you get to see beautiful, passionate shemales fucking their men and getting fucked and going without condoms for the whole thing. That’s pretty hard to find anywhere else. If the video quality was better and they offered more formats I would tell you to join up if you were looking for bareback fucking. As it is I think you should only join if the three bonus sites appeal to you.

Featured comments:

I had a weird issue with the video downloads where it would keep stopping. 10 megabytes would download and then it would just hang. I was using Firefox and when I would pause it and then start it again it would go back to downloading. Then it would stop again. I don’t know if that’s widespread but it was a huge pain in the ass.

Some of the content here is exclusive and I assume recently shot and it’s a travesty that they don’t provide better quality video. Don’t they know that people can watch average stuff on free sites? You join a porn site so you can get high definition smut nowadays. Otherwise it seems like a waste of money.

They really should have started this site with nothing but exclusive content. They could have started adding in the scenes from DVDs later but the first 20-30 updates really needed to be exclusive and fresh. Instead more than half of them (and growing) are old and there’s even a chance you’ve seen them before.

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