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Bare Bum Mountain

Bare Bum Mountain

Content quality: 20.0 of 25
Content quantity: 17.0 of 25
Design and usability: 8.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 3 days: $1.00
  • 1 month: $24.95
  • 12 months: $89.99

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Site Details:

Bare Bum Mountain

You kind of get the idea that this site started on the back of Bareback Mountain, sorry, I mean Brokeback Mountain, but that’s ok. What you are offered here is a wide variety of guys, hardcore scenes, hung guys, macho men, high quality movies, tight asses and all other kinds of general hardcore with a hunky feel. If you check the signup page it does give you a run down of facts and figures, but you must remember that not all of the extras and bonuses are going to be on the same theme; many are not even gay. This is a large warehouse of porn with much that is for us gay guys, some featured content and lots that is straight.

Main idea:

But at the heart of all that is the featured gay content which is advertised as being about hard bodied guys, macho sex and boys with cocks over 12 inches. That’s quite a wide field to play in, a mix of subjects, and one wonders if Bare Bum Mountain is going to live up to its wonderful tour claims – or if it is simply selling standard gay sex with a gimmicky title, bouncing of the back of a movie. We’ll check out the featured content as our main content, though there are lots of other genres in here and we are presented, really, with a wide selection of everything and anything that is to do with sex.

Member's area:

Once you log in you will find a members’ area that looks completely different from the tour. I said to myself, ‘ah, its one of these sites,’ as I recognised the format here. I've described it before as ‘one of the best interactive consoles in any members’ area’ and I still go with that. With its dark and modern design, its easy to read links and menus, graphics and sample images, this really is a fun and interactive, yet easy, place to hang out. So top marks for the design.

You have a couple of menus, holding the same links, and these take you to 13 pages of featured content where each movie has a set of viewing options, galleries, interactive buttons and sample pics. The other areas work in more or less the same way with Videos showing each scene in a kind of slide style photo, with run times, and, with the Photos, telling you how many pics are in each set. Whether you are in the main area or the extras area you can rate and vote, comment and add things to your favourites area. You’re able to read what other guys have said about each piece of content too, so this is one of those rare sites where you can get really involved.

With everything running exactly as it should, and with so many interactive options it’s easy to get caught up in this site for a long time. But you may want to go off and explore the links that you are given, these take you to chat and dating sites, a store or two (you pay extra for these) and a set of bonus sites, which are actually third party feeds. But the point is you can get to all of this nice and quickly and it’s a realy fun members’ area to use.


So, back to that featured content, the Bare Bum Mountain specials. The first page of movies loaded up and three of them featured guys in cowboy hats, just like I’d expected from the tour. There were actually 74 scenes here with plenty of the promised kind of men and sex: chaps, hats, bears, muscled, big cocks, hardcore, fur and so on. But then I noticed that there were no videos to view – these looked to be photo sets only. I tried a full view and a quick view (you can view the site in both formats) and still only found pictures on the first few pages. But I did get to some videos later on so simply work through the list and you will find them.

I'm not sure where these came from or if they were exclusive, but they were on-topic, a reasonable quality and came with different viewing options including WMV downloads at 1024kbps and 512kbps, a good sized Flash stream and iPod versions too. Maybe it was the look, the clothes and moustaches, but I got the impression there were some old classics here, put up in DVD formant from videos. Some had a more modern feel to them. Click to the galleries to find images that open with Flash to a size of 690 x 458, and which were, as far as I could see, screen caps.

What was neat for me about this content was that there was a mix of guys. We have the promised older hunks but there were also younger guys, well hung and sexy. Sometimes they were mixed in scenes together for extra variety, but there was usually a cowboy-ish style theme going on.

Bonus features:

I don’t have a lot of space to tell you about all the bonuses you have here, so I’ll sum it up: There are 2,265 extra videos, sortable by ethnicity of the main star; 863 digital galleries – non-exclusive and varied; 2,265 screen cap galleries as there is one per movie; a model index with an uncounted number of models from throughout the whole network (I worked it out as 2,348, roughly); and then a set of 25 feed sites. So if that little lot doesn’t justify your membership fee and keep you hard and horny for many a moon yet, there’s something wrong with you. Excellent value all round.

Cons and pros:


  • Loads of movies and galleries;
  • Easy to use members’ area;
  • Many interactive functions and things to click;
  • Nicely designed;
  • Well priced and good value.


  • I'm not sure about exclusivity;
  • There are more extras than featured content;
  • Not sure about updates either.

Yes, I would climb every Bare Bum Mountain and I advise you to do so too. We may not know how exclusive everything is or when things will be added to our featured area, but there is plenty here to get us started. Actually there is an updates page which tells you what’s coming soon – the up-coming things were to one of the reality sites that is also available in here somewhere. The bottom line is that you've got loads to view, you get what’s promised on the tour, you have good viewing options and easy to stream/download movies. There are masses of extras and plenty of interactive things too. It’s simply great.

Featured comments:

This is perfect value for money for anyone like me who likes hardcore. There is such a lot of stuff in here. Though it may not all be exclusive, there is so much here that no one could have seen all this before surely? Love the way everything works and runs, love the way you can view in two styles, I mean view the whole thing, and love the sheer numbers of movies and galleries.

I wasn’t sure what the site was all about really – though the tour features one kind of guy, and I mean your classic cowboy, there are lots of kinds of guys here. I guess it’s about macho men and you get a lot of them. Not complaining, don’t get me wrong. It’s a big mix of all things hardcore really isn’t it?

You won’t find such a fun and interactive site anywhere. It’s great to be able to click all these links and see where you are. Writing comments and rating content are good ways to get involved in a site. I would have liked more info about the scenes and who is in them – the model index only links you to appearances. And I more or less ignored the Cam and chat links as these are standard up-sells, and I’d already pain my money.

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