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Ass Titans

Ass Titans

Content quality: 23.0 of 25
Content quantity: 19.0 of 25
Design and usability: 9.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 19.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 3 days: $2.95
  • 1 month: $29.95
  • 6 months: $94.95
  • 3 months: $69.95

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Content updates: Weekly | Review last updated:

Site Details:

Ass Titans

Isn't anal sex awesome? There's something wonderfully dirty about it, like you're entering a place you really shouldn't be going. There's also something a little bit naughty like you're hurting the girl a little bit with your dick and that's a whole lot of fun. It feels a lot tighter than the pussy too so you've got that going for you when you do anal. Of course, most girls aren't willing to have anal sex so most guys don't get to experience it. If you're one of those guys your best bet is to turn to a site like Ass Titans for some sexy fun. You can watch as the hot girls that populate the site get rammed in the butthole by big cocks and you can dream about being the guy doing the fucking. The porn looks really hot so there's no reason to believe it's not going to be a great time.

Main idea:

Ass Titans says it was voted the best ass site of the year and while I don't know who voted them that and when they received it I don't find it that hard to believe because they're obviously dedicated to making high quality anal sex content. They stock the site with gorgeous girls in slutty lingerie and outfits and then they fuck them in the ass with big cocks. From the looks of things they seem to do gonzo style porn and they say everything is high definition, which means good things for the consumer. As with most sites there are lovely video previews on the tour.

Member's area:

The site is really well designed and easy to use. The latest update is the one you'll always find featured at the top of the page with a nice description, five pictures and the ability to play a preview trailer right away. They also do a nice little teaser for the next update to ensure that you stick around for an extra month. The site only updates once every 10 days, which is a little slower than would be ideal. Once a week is ideal. When you go to browse all the anal scenes you'll find they list 12 per page with a nice picture of the girl, a description and some information on the scene (length, date it was added, views, etc).

When you click to visit a scene they trailer is the first thing you'll see. They want you to be able to preview the video before spending a ton of time downloading it and that's genius. Not enough sites give you that option but Ass Titans is damn near flawlessly designed. You have three options for downloading. There's a high definition video that plays at 1280x720 and 5000kbps. That's really hot looking in case you were wondering. There's a DVD quality clip and then an iPod ready clip. You can grab the full length clips at those resolutions and then they've divided each scene into nine parts and those are at the two lower resolutions.

You can stream the entire movie too and it works wonderfully. You click to play and they're exceptionally well done Flash player gets the party started. Fast forwarding proved to be very easy as well. There's a full list of the models that makes it really easy to browse the site if you're looking for a specific girl. You can also add any scene to your favorites list to get access to it with just one click when you log in. They also have extensive photo galleries for every scene at 1500px.


Ass Titans is a terrific anal sex site. The porn is gonzo style, which really just means that the camera gets in close and takes sexy angles in an attempt to make you feel like you're there. I think it's great. The girls they use are exceptionally hot in the classic pornstar mold. They have super sexy bodies, they are lusty for cock at all times and they get boned like sluts. They moan lustily while their assholes are being fucked. They beg for it harder. They also dress up like sluts with some seriously hot lingerie gracing their bodies. It's a small thing but I like that most of the girls keep on part of that lingerie while getting fucked. It's even sexier.

They put each of the anal sex scenes into categories and you can see those categories on the navigation page. 2 Chicks 1 Dick is pretty obvious. There's one very lucky man that gets to play with two super hot girls and fuck them both in the ass. Sometimes they indulge in ass to mouth action as well. They scenes they label Analriffic are almost all just one babe with one man having wicked hard anal sex. It's a pleasure to watch. Other categories include Hardcore Pussy Fuck, Dildo Pop, Big Booty Striptease and DP Group Fuck.

Speaking of double penetrations, you're going to see a whole lot of those at Ass Titans. The girls are meant to be fucked by two guys at once and the dudes are happy to deliver. Each scene ends with a massive cumshot (or two) being blown and the ladies loving it all over their faces. All of the content is super glamorous. It's shot in expensive houses and the women are really well made up and if they're not in the house then they're usually out by the pool or in a well manicured backyard. It's exceptionally hot content and they currently have 35 scenes and continue to update once every ten days. In the VIP Zone of the site they have another 76 videos to download, although I'm fairly certain they're not exclusive (can't be sure about that though) and they offer all different types of content. You're also given access to a bonus site featuring a hot blonde chick that loves to fuck.

Cons and pros:


  • Exceptionally hot pornstars;
  • Great anal content;
  • High definition videos;
  • Bonus content and sites.


  • The site still has a relatively small content collection;
  • Updates only once every ten days.

Ass Titans is one of my favorite anal sex sites. They get things started right by hiring unbelievably hot pornstars and putting them in slutty lingerie. Then they bring in guys with big dicks to fuck those pornstar sluts and they end up with an extremely hot hardcore site where no ass is free from fucking. Updates are made once every ten days, which is a little slow, but there's enough content already to have a great month or two of anal sex action. The high definition videos are one of the best reasons to join the site as they look sparkling. There are just so many good reasons to check this site out that I hope you at least visit the tour and give it a look.

Featured comments:

They should be updating more often. I know there's a fair amount of content in the member's area but it seems silly of a site to launch in the modern era of porn and then only give you content once every ten days when almost all the others are doing it once every week. Shouldn't they be working a little harder for my money?

Ass Titans is not a perfect site but they actually come pretty close. The girls are stunningly slutty, the guys have big dicks and the sex is fucking awesome. The best scene stars Jamie Elle and Kelly Wells with two guys. There's one part where both chicks are on their hands and knees getting fucked in the ass and the camera is behind them watching everything. It's breathtaking.

I noticed that a few of the scenes at Ass Titans don't have any anal sex. It's pretty limited but the site does advertise having the best anal sex videos and best ass fuck videos. That's actually true but it seems weird to have scenes where there isn't any anal banging. Maybe they were just extras from some other site.

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