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Asiana Starr

Asiana Starr

Content quality: 23.0 of 25
Content quantity: 20.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Asiana Starr

Here you can get yourself all tied up in an exclusive bondage site that offers all kinds of goodies on the tour, and then delivers on those promises. You are in for HD recordings and frequent updates, a personal touch and a great looking main star. It’s a stand-alone site and doesn’t attache itself to any major studio or company. In fact I think it is its own company, so definitely 100% exclusive content then. The videos start at June 2012, so it is also a pretty new site, as I write. It looks good, is easy to use and definitely stays with its BDSM niche.

Main idea:

When you sign up you actually end up in Club Asiana Starr, as the site is called, and the look is very similar to the look that you see on the tour. And the content is exactly as you see: it’s all about a horny Asian girl who is totally into the bondage scenes, so expect BDSM all the way. You have submissive scenes, ropes and bondage, ball gags and discipline in the movies, with our main hostess appearing in them all, sometimes at the mercy of masked men. So the fetish and fantasies are all well played out. The site updates frequently and is growing at a fast rate making an on-going membership well worthwhile.

Members Area:

The pages are neatly set out in a modern kind of design where it is easy to read the information, and find the links. I had no trouble with this members' area. You will find that the home page gives you large images from recent episodes, plus lots of text to introduce them and make you feel welcome. There are tag clouds to help you find content plus links to recent additions and a search engine. The top menu is your main guide though, and there is also a set of short cuts to the right; so no navigation issues here.

The videos are set out on numbered index pages with sample pics and details. And what’s really neat here is that you not only get the day of the upload given but the time; as there are sometimes multiple posts in one day this is handy, and pretty unique too. You click a video sample image to get to the viewing page where you can rate the scene, read the intro, add and read comments. The Photos area didn’t have sample pics for the few galleries, and their titles were not very creative, but images came with slideshows and individual navigation was simple.

You will also find links to social networking places and to an email newsletter to subscribe to if you want to keep in touch, there is a link to a store which sells Asiana’s used underwear and where you can pay for other personalised items and even pay for custom videos to be made. And, if you’re feeling really flushed and very impressed, you can even make a donation and spoil your main lady. There are contact details and as I say, I encountered no technical of navigation problems in this nifty members’ area at all.


The site is still pretty new so we are not expecting huge numbers, but having said that, there were 122 videos and four galleries. The galleries held around ten images each and although they were decent quality, the emphasis here clearly is on the videos. These movies were reasonably short, about 10 minutes or so and were only available for downloads. I found WMV files at 2,400 kbps @ 720 x 480, and the visual quality was fine. File sizes were around 170 Mbs, and the download speed for me was 207kbps, so no great issues there, although it would be good to have other file types and also some streams for those who don’t like to download. (There were actually five streaming scenes; check the left quick links area to find them. There was also a note asking if you wanted streaming videos, so if you do, say yes and you should get more!)

The content itself isn’t sexual in a standard way, this site is to do with domination and it’s the real thing. It’s not a ‘titillation’ set-up where actors pretend to be getting off on being bound and then getting fucked, this girl is into her submissiveness. The guys employed to use and abuse her do so willingly and the whole thing, though doing nothing for women’s lib, brings you genuine fetish scenes staged in a real and controlled way. Expect cries for help and screams of pain rather than screaming orgasms.

The gallery content is basically a collection of images showing Asiana bound and gagged, and the video content is really the thrust of the site. Checking the updates I found that there was usually one per day and the scenes have titles which say more about the content that I can: ‘Chair bound in my wife beater.’ ‘Unexpected Hogtie.’ ‘My first self bondage hogtie.’ You get the picture?

Pros & Cons:


  • Exclusive content;
  • All on the BDSM theme;
  • Daily updates, more or less;
  • Decent quality videos and pics;
  • Contact with the star is encouraged.


  • Only one choice for downloading and not many streams yet;
  • Only a few photos;
  • Videos tend to be short.

Asiana Starr is a site that is for people who are into the BDSM scene big time. It’s hard and sometimes nasty, it’s all about a woman being tied up and beaten, used and abused by a man, or doing it to herself. It’s not a nude porn site it’s an erotic fetish site. You have exclusive movies which, at the moment, are mainly for download though there were a few streams. There are only a few galleries, and only one choice of video viewing. But the quality is good and the members’ area is adding a new scene every day at the moment. Definitely a star site for all BDSM fans, particularly if you’re into Asian women as well.


I think Asiana Starr is great. She’s a true pro and she sure knows what she’s doing when it comes to ropes and gags and bondage. She also knows how to get good movies made and these numbers really fit the fetish bill. I’d like a couple more links to other bondage and fetish sites and info places, perhaps a blog or a forum as well, but it’s off to a really god start.

I wasn’t expecting anything quite as nasty as this, I had to turn the sound down to cover the screaming. Though I think, hope, a lot of that is played up for the camera. After a while I was hoping to find something different, you really have to be into this to enjoy the same kind of scene time and again.

Decent enough but how about more files to download, no good if you don’t run WMV, and some clips as well as full scenes would be good, maybe some more streams. It’s a bit cheeky asking if you want to make a donation, why not just put the membership price up, it was under $10.00 a month which I thought was really good. I hope it stays that low as the site gets bigger.

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