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Asian SM Torture

Asian SM Torture

Content quality: 18.0 of 25
Content quantity: 22.0 of 25
Design and usability: 6.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Asian SM Torture

Asian SM Torture is a stand-alone site that isn’t part of any network and, as far as I can see, doesn’t come with any additions; it’s simple an exclusive, partially protected video, site that is all about S&M, and one that features Asian babes as the tortured stars. You've got a range of sign up options, and it is quite a high monthly fee, but then you do get lots of good quality content and it all stays on theme, and you get regular updates with a new video every week. You don’t get a lot of information, you can’t get involved, there are only videos and no real galleries, but you certainly get some hard-hitting S&M.

Main idea:

What they do is this: they take great looking, lithe and innocent Asian babes and then they do all kinds of nasty, kinky stuff to them. You’re looking at all kinds of things from hot wax dripping on pert tits, to machine driven didoes, BDSM, pegs and gags. You dream it up, they probably do it. But, unlike some S&M sites that are purely about the BDSM, this one also contains the hardcore and sexual element in its productions: hot Asian babes being made to suck cock, getting their hardcore treatment and then getting fucked by Asian men.

Members Area:

The members’ area here is the tour is the members’ area; it’s all the same thing really, which is a bit annoying when you sign in and then click Home as you get sent out again; keep your membership details handy. It is though very simple and there is not a lot here and certainly nothing to cause you any problems. Well, not really.

There was nothing to explain how things worked. So, when I signed in I found eight thumbnails per video and each movie’s upload date. That was it. So what do you do? I just clicked a sample pic and got a new tab opening in which a clip was due to start playing. I was asked for my membership details again, and then waited, but nothing played. I found, in the end, that the best way to view these movies is to right click and ‘save as.’ Check out the Help page and it tells you to save all the clips and then stick them together in your Windows Media Player (assuming you have one). That’s it, no other choices and no descriptions.

The menu consists of Home, which is the tour, Updates, which is where you start from, Members which is always there even when you are in the members’ area, Join, which you have done, Links which is a page of links and the help and contact. Very basic all round and with no galleries, no model index, no detail, no interactive options and no problems, once you are used to how the videos download. Obviously the site is all about the content and nothing else, but it would be good, when paying this amount, to have a little extra… something.


There are 205 scenes at the moment and a new one is being added each week. They are laid out at ten per page with eight sample images each, and each of these leads to a clip. You download the clip (or stream it if you can, but you will be asked for your access details), and you only have this one WMV choice of file. The download speed was around 210kbps for me and the files were only about 30Mbs in size each, so it is not a slow process to download. I then had WMV clips that played at 640 x 480 @ 1,000kbps.

You might need to change file names when you download as they were all called ‘Video’ and then a number and you won’t want to accidentally overwrite what you have already saved. The content here dates back to 2009, and there is something like 4,000 clips to save.

The action stays with the S&M and the hardcore sex theme all the way. You find very sexy Asian girls and their dominating masters and all kinds of rope and punishment play is acted out. BDSM, hot wax, clitoris stimulation, ass investigation, choking, and rougher kinds of domination and humiliation. You can see it all on the tour and it gets well played out in the full scenes. They are very well filmed and there is a good atmosphere to them, with a build-up and silent storylines going on. The image in the videos was sharp and even at full screen the visual quality, and sound, were good. So no complaints there, but you will need to be happy with WMV as this was the only file type I found. And one last thing I never like about some Asian sites; although there is hardcore happening, and blow jobs, there is also ‘fuzzing’ around the dicks so you don’t really see anything hardcore.

Pros & Cons:


  • Exclusive Asian torture fantasies;
  • Stays on theme throughout;
  • Good quality;
  • Fast downloads.


  • No information;
  • No galleries. No model index or interactive options;
  • Downloads in one choice of WMV only;
  • Restricted streams;
  • Navigation can be a pain at first.

Asian SM Torture lives up to its name in what it depicts in the videos that it has, and it makes sure you get a new scene every week. These are well made and varied in their tortures and humiliations, and they are quick and easy to download. But, you only have the one viewing choice, you have no information or details apart from the upload dates, and there are no galleries and no extras. The site is quite highly priced considering you are only paying for downloadable clips, and there are no full scenes. But on the other hand you do get exactly the kind of movies you came here hoping to find.


Good bad and ugly really: good in that it’s very hot S&M stuff, bad in that you only have the one file to watch each time, so not much good for Macs and hand-helds perhaps, and ugly because you keep ending up in the tour area, and if you want to stream, then forget it. It was a nightmare. But stay with the good things and you have hot chicks in ropes. What more do you want?

A bit repetitive if you ask me, yes lots of different ways to ‘torture’ your Asian slave girls, but we’ve seen it all before. I won’t stay as a member for more than a couple of months, it’s a lot to pay these days for only one film every week, and no pics and nothing else, no extras and no info as you say. It needs something more.

I disagree. It’s a good site with great mid-range quality movies, with sound and stories, with guys who know what they are doing, and you don’t need to see the dicks to get the hardcore gist. Yes, it’s not the cheapest site ever but it stays with its theme and it serves you very well, I think.

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