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Asian Skank

Asian Skank

Content quality: 19.0 of 25
Content quantity: 17.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 15.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 16.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Asian Skank

Asian Skank comes to you from Triple 10 Vault who also produce, Fuck Over My Ex and Shemale Kinky. And, when you join one you join all, so what you are really getting here is access to four sites for the price of one, that should perk up your interest for a start. But for lovers of Asian porn and lovers of youth you have the double-whammy bonus of Asian Skank, with cute young Asian babe, hardcore sex and good quality productions, the large images on the tour leap out at you and start the process that will lead to you signing up and joining in.

Main idea:

Here's a straightforward theme: young Asian girls get 'fucked rotten' and you get to see it all captured on videos and in galleries. Sound familiar? Well, there are loads of Asian hardcore sites out there so, to pull in the punters, you have to have one that offers something more than the average. The theme here is about youth and younger girls with horny older guys. It's content that you can imagine yourself taking part in, and it doesn't lose sight of that. You get a 'lads on vacation' feel to some of the content making it realistic which just adds to the eroticism.

Member's area:

You will find a neatly laid out members' home page inside Asian Skank. The top menu lists Videos, Pics, Bonus, Extra and the Network so it looks like there is plenty to explore. Beneath this menu, with it's typical Asian lettering design comes a brief welcome note, a message about an new site that is soon to be added to the network and an advertisement for a chat and dating site - but these are unobtrusive and not too in your face. Further down you will come to the video update sample pics. Each of these 20 is listed with a thumbnail and its title, and this section also carries links to the 40 exclusive videos and the 5,000+ non-exclusive videos.

Further down still and you have a similar looking box with the photo content listed and a link to the 52 photo galleries. At the bottom of the page is an ad for Fleshlight, the masturbation toy, so you might want to nip over to that store and get one so you have something to use while you get off to the hot looking Asian girls.

The individual content areas, Videos, Pics etc, take the same format as those boxes on the home page with thumbnails and simple links, and when you click an episode your video viewing page appears. Here you can choose three qualities of WMV download or stream. A default Flash player also runs the episode on this page and you will know when the move is starting as a gong sounds - loudly! This 'everything in a box with sample pics and links' format carries on in the photos and other areas and the design is consistent throughout. There were no broken links or misleading ones and no pop ups.


Your video content at Asian Skank is a mix of solos, toy play and hardcore scenes. Checking the action ones I found the action started more or less straight away. The sudden striking of that gong woke me up, but once the sound was down it wasn't so bad. After that the guy is there ready with his cock hard and the lithe young Asian girl is ready to go down on it - or has already started sitting on it. There is no subtle start to any of these movies. They have an amateur feel to them, as if the guys had taken their video cams on holiday and filmed the girls they'd picked op. One in particular even had the guy adjusting his camera before he got started and then staring at it as if he was showing off to his mates back home. Others started with a cum shot and then developed from there and you could hear one guy instructing the girl in her poses (and moving her cum splattered face) and talking to his accomplice behind the cam. But there are also those cute young Asian girls in there and they are what you came for and they are what you will enjoy most.

You have a choice of three WMV quality files to run online or download and the Flash streaming version too. This one is quite acceptable for immediate viewing and the buffering was nice and quick with no starting and stopping. The sound was clear and the run times were around 20 minutes.

Image galleries contain mainly solo sets with some double-babe shoots too. You can run slideshows of the photo sets and individual images were up at the 750 x 100 px mark which was perfect. The quality was fine and the shots were nice and clear, opening in new windows.

Bonus features:

You have three bonus areas at Asian Skank so you're really getting value for money. You have the actual Bonus page which lists 17 varied genres. There are all kinds of things here so we are moving away from the Asian theme and towards facials, lesbian action, orals, gang-bangs and domination, among others. These image links take you to various parts of the same movie site, Sexy Lette, where you have a mass of varied porn videos to run. This is the same 5,000 + videos area that is mentioned on the home page.

The ten links of the Extras page take you to galleries and reviews of ten various sites, so you basically have some extra galleries here. (Good quality images.) And the last area is The Network which contains links to your three bonus sites and 12 feed sites, three of which are gay themed. Putting it in a nutshell, you have loads of extra content at Asian Skank.

Cons and pros:


  • Easy to navigate and use;
  • Loads of bonuses and extras;
  • Good quality videos;
  • Really sexy girls;
  • Quick streams.


  • All links on the Bonus page lead to the same site;
  • Some amateur performances from the guys;
  • Some Gonzo;
  • Not much update news or dates.

If we were told when new content was coming and if we had dates with the existing content we'd feel happier about an on-going membership. But I have little doubt that you're going to get new material here on a regular basis. The rest of Asian Skank is such good value and so well put together that I don't think you have anything to worry about. Apart from the promised young Asian hotties in hardcore and solos scenes you have good quality images of posed, solo girls and plenty of extras and bonuses. It's had to find anything to complain about here, perhaps some of the guys could be a little less pleased with themselves, but that's about it. You have what you are offered and it's good value for money.

Featured comments:

Totally worth it. Loads of cool stuff to view, great looking Asian girls; I loved it. And those extra sites, so many streams in the movie theatre and then more hot Asian flicks. Perfect.

Some of the videos were so amateurish I thought I was watching someone's holiday video. Mind you, that was only some of them. The galleries are really good.

There are more extras here thah there is main content - and those extras are not all Asian girls. Once you have worked through the movies you won't know when there will be any more.

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