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Asian Sex Queens

Asian Sex Queens

Content quality: 20.0 of 25
Content quantity: 20.0 of 25
Design and usability: 6.0 of 10
Originality: 16.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 3 days: $1.95
  • 1 month: $39.95

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Site Details:

Asian Sex Queens

Network Details:

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What would make a woman a sex queen in your mind? What would she have to do in the bedroom to be elevated to that status? Would she have to give the finest blowjobs you've ever had? Would she have to let you fuck her in the ass? Would she ride your cock all night long and tell you how good it felt in her pussy, fucking her hard and deep? There are many different ways a woman can be a sexual goddess and at Asian Sex Queens they try to expose you to one particular race of beauties that likes to be naughty in the bedroom. Asian women are known for their submissive traits when it comes to sexuality – it's a cultural thing – and in the videos available for download inside you'll learn that those traits carry on to the pornstars that get in front of the camera.

Main idea:

Asian Sex Queens is pretty basic as far as porn sites go. They're not trying to sell you on a high concept and they're not trying to do something out of the ordinary. Instead they're bringing you videos and pictures of good looking Asian women sucking and fucking. The tour is almost entirely useless as it's nothing more than sales text and pictures that might not even appear in the member's area. In this case you're better off just moving on and reading the full text of the review to see what's inside.

Member's area:

Asian Sex Queens is a fairly simple and straightforward site. They welcome you to the member's area with a note about site and the Asian sluts you'll see and along the top of the page you can find the navigational links you need to get all over the site. They post the three most recent updates from the network of sites you get access to and below that they post the two most recent Asian sex additions. The list of five top rated movies is nice but I'm not sure how useful it is. All the scenes have a rating of 5/5, which makes me think they have very few votes.

When you dig into the Asian porn collection you'll find five scenes listed per page with three screen captures and a description for each. There's a little button that says “Movie” that you click on to download the goodies and they've split each scene into six parts to make downloading exactly what you want to see easier. They also have a full length clip and they're all available at 640x480, which is basically DVD quality. I like to grab the full length versions so I can keep them with relative ease.

You can vote on each scene to register your rating with the rest of them. The picture galleries can be found using the links at the top of the page and they list 30 of those per page with a thumbnail for each. They give you a title as well but no information on the number of pictures. Most galleries have 75-150 shots and they display at roughly 1000px. They look good but they're not all that high quality; I get the feeling they're leased from other sources, which makes them fairly uninteresting. The bonus sites are easy to browse but they've mixed in leased content with the actual bonus sites and there's no way to discern which is which, making that a big pain in the ass.


There are 158 videos and 362 picture galleries at Asian Sex Queens and the site, while good, falls short of excellent because none of the content is exclusive. Let's start with the videos. They're almost all just scenes pulled from DVDs like “Japanese Erotica File 8.” That's fine and it makes for a big collection of porn but it also means that you're not getting anything special here. Chances are good you could join a DVD download site that focuses on Asian chicks and find ten times as many videos, perhaps more.

There are other considerations though. First, the scenes are pretty tasty, especially if you like your Asian porn with an amateur feel. I don't know if it's because they were too cheap to license the really expensive and high quality Asian porn DVDs or if they simply prefer this type of stuff but there's a decidedly low-fi feel to the content. I don't actually think that's a bad thing though. I quite like seeing regular Asian girls getting fucked hard by big cocks. I like how they're naughty and slutty and it seems like I could meet one of them and give her a heaping helping of cock and she would love it.

The picture sets feel the same way. The quality just isn't up there. The girls aren't as beautiful as the finest Asians online and the pictures aren't as crisp as I've gotten used to with more modern porn sites. That's really the feeling I get from this site: everything seems old. It's a little bit crusty and the fact that they charge $39.95/month is ridiculous. They're not offering you enough content to warrant that, at least if you're solely interested in Asian chicks. They have more than 80 bonus sites with downloadable content though, and that makes the collection a little more interesting. Only a few others have Asian chicks though, so if you're looking for sexy Asian babes you really shouldn't spend your money here.

Cons and pros:


  • Downloadable videos broken into small parts if you need them;
  • Lots of picture galleries;
  • A big network of bonus sites.


  • Price is exorbitant at $40/month;
  • No updates;
  • A relatively small amount of videos when you consider they're mostly just DVD scenes.

Asian Sex Queens is pretty close to the site it seemed like on the tour. When an adult site isn't willing to share much information with you or give you much in the way of free preview content you can count on the inside being underwhelming. That's the case here with 158 videos and 362 picture sets that fall short of excellent because they're non-exclusive. The movies are largely pulled from DVDs, making a DVD download site featuring Asian chicks a better option. The picture galleries are largely underwhelming because of their crustiness. They just look old. It's a decent investment if you're keen on the bonus content but even then you're paying $40/month for what amounts to a bunch of sites with DVDs to download and a few with original content.

Featured comments:

It's hard to like Asian Sex Queens because it's not much of a site. It's hard to like it because when you look at other sites in the Asian porn genre you find dozens that offer more content and better content. If you want original Asian porn you can find that all over. If you want Asian DVDs to download you can find hundreds more somewhere else.

It's time for a little positivity. Asian Sex Queens isn't a bad site, it's just not perfect. They have more than 150 movies to download and more than 350 picture galleries to check out. They have bunches of bonus sites to get you off. If you want to see Asians having sex this is a pretty good place to do it.

I can't get over the price. I have never seen an adult website that should have charged $40/month. That simply isn't an acceptable price in this day and age of porn. They must lower that if they're going to be reasonable. Taking $10 off would make it more palatable but even then it wouldn't be good enough for me because they're offering you a bunch of non-exclusive content.

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