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Asian Sex Diary

Asian Sex Diary

Content quality: 25.0 of 25
Content quantity: 22.0 of 25
Design and usability: 6.0 of 10
Originality: 19.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 19.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Asian Sex Diary

Who says porn can't be original? Here we’ve found a site that is not only very sexy to be a part of, not only is it informative and fun, not only does it have hot videos and images for you but it is also extremely original. Asian Sex Diary lets you follow the antics of a guy who is totally into the Asian porn scene, and you follow him as he visits various parts of Asia having sex with loads of different Asian girls. He presents you with his diary which contains his writings, videos and pics and he also gives us tips and lessons no how we too can enjoy the Asian sex scene. It’s totally exclusive, has been nominated for awards and is very well put together.

Main Idea:

The diary/site dates back to August 2012 and has been uploading just about daily updates ever since, so there’s plenty to see inside. Our main guy, John, seems to spend every day in some part of Asia having hot sex with some cute girl or other and then spends the rest of the day building his site and posting his entries. There are loads of different things going on from spy glasses reviews to hardcore POV movies to stream, galleries to look at, Q and As, and location reports. So, all combined, this gives us a totally unique porn site with info and on-going news and adventures. A first in my book!

Members Area:

You might be worried that, because this site looks like it is run by a very enthusiastic amateur, that the technical side of things would be an issue. But actually the design of the site and the members' area inside is very well thought out and put together. There is some of that wallpaper image as background stuff which I reckon is unnecessary but it no way gets in the way of your viewing. The pages come with a side bar running some ads and useful links, but these also don’t get in the way, and the main content stays centre stage and the diary pages open nice and fast.

I guess if there is a downside it is that you can only stream the videos and they only have the basic choice of HD or not, but other than that: you find that you can see the diary entries on a daily basis or you can browse them by month where thumbnails are used in a calendar format; it all looks good and makes browsing easy. There’s a section for ‘conquests’ where John gives us the hardcore videos, his ‘Trophies’ area where he lists the girls he has met and gives them a score and some notes, and there is a favourites area where you can make up your own stock of your favourite things from the site.

The main menu also gives you a drop-down of headings for articles and reviews and suchlike, a more in-depth look at the Asian sex scene and there is also a drop-down of locations so you can see where our innovative self-made porn star has travelled to. With a map of locations too, and a search engine, and with every page used to its best advantage, I found that this Asian Sex Diary was well presented and laid out and gave me no hassles at all. Once you are a member you will also be able to leave your own comments on posts and get to know John personally.


There are over 600 daily entries here starting back in early 2012 and it looks like there is something new every single day. Each post consists of either writing, hardcore video, gallery, location photos, news or some other kind of interesting read and is made up of text and images. There were 240 Conquests in that area, each one shown with a large sample shot that, when clicked, led to the diary entry where the horny hardcore took place. There you have a stream screen to view in that’s around 1,068 x 600 in size and where there is a choice of Standard Definition stream or High Definition. Sadly no downloads and no other choices, but that’s just how it is.

Some entries have galleries in which case here are various numbers of images and they click up to decent sizes and come with simple navigation tools. The quality of both videos and galleries is what you might call good and amateur, solid and digital, well filmed and well taken but without the trimmings a studio setup might have. Some of the movies are POV and it looks like John goes in for the spy glasses. These are natural movies too and sometimes, if there’s a long shot, he’s got his face pixelated out; otherwise you see everything. And there is a lot of everything to see.

But around the sex adventures are some really good tips and shared experience, in the written parts of the diary/blog, and these include tips on making your own films, and what you might deem lectures with titles such as Manwhore Masterclass, and Asian Fuck University. There is an area for your own questions, there are seven major locations/countries listed with content arranged by city or town within them and there are 92 girls listed in the model index so far.


There are no bonus sites attached.

Pros & Cons:


  • Totally original porn site;
  • Exclusive and well taken amateur photos and videos;
  • Daily updates and lots of content to see;
  • A unique site that is fun and also informative.


  • Streaming only videos;
  • Basic navigation tools.

I was totally blown away by Asian Sex Diary, it was not what I was expecting at all and then, when I realised it was basically an amateur blog about ‘my sex life with Asian girls’ I was dreading the worst. But then I got hooked. It’s well put together, well written and well stocked, it stays on its niche, it is totally unique and original, it is hardcore as well as being informative and fun and it is the kind of home-spun website that could quite easily put the professionals to shame. No pretence, just good, honest homemade porn with a completely Asian theme.


“I agree. One of the most original sites around and one of the best amateur sites too. He’s asking nearly $30 per month for access, but I think that is well worth it, considering all the plus points of the site. And the more members he gets the more travels he can go on and the more porn he can make. You have to admire his stamina if nothing else.”

“A few downloads would be good, like an area where longer-term members can access to get a couple of downloadable films. What’s nice about John though is that you can ask a question or leave a comment and he’ll get back to you. Great site and well worth backing.”

“Not a lot of variety in the sex, would be nice to see other guys involved, would be nice to have downloads, and zip files for galleries, a couple of pages didn’t open up very fast for me. Otherwise, nice site, different, you have to like reading though as not all of it is visual porn, lots of talk and essays and stuff.”

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