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Anal Screen

Anal Screen

Content quality: 22.0 of 25
Content quantity: 20.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 3 days: $12.95
  • 1 month: $29.95
  • 3 months: $74.95

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Site Details:

Anal Screen

Network Details:

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Chances are good that you’ve experienced a few anal sex sites in your time browsing the internet for porn. You probably like seeing girls get fucked in the butt and no one would blame you for that. They look good when their rumps are pumped and since there are so many of them willing to take it in the back door it’s almost your duty to explore that pleasure with them. You’ve probably seen the anal sex sites where the hot pornstars spread their ass cheeks and beg the dudes with the big dicks to fuck them hard. What you might not have seen is an anal site like Anal Screen where they take European chicks that look and mostly act like amateurs and fuck them in the rump. The site almost looks quaint in how non-glossy it is and that’s all part of the charm. The babes are all wearing stockings too and that’s fucking hot!

Main idea:

Anal Screen looks like almost any other anal hardcore site at first glance. But when you give it more than a few seconds you realize that they do things differently here. They keep all the girls in stockings and most of the time they’re wearing some kind of lingerie or a sexy outfit too. The ladies all look Eastern European and the videos lack the glossy sheen of highly produced American porn. Suddenly the site becomes a little more interesting. A visit to the tour reveals a whole bunch of small pictures but it should be enough to pique your interest.

Member's area:

After logging in once and then logging in again at another member’s area gateway page I was taken to my anal sex destination. They put a picture on the page with a girl getting fucked in the ass and below it is the word videos. Apparently they don’t do picture galleries here. That’s a bit of a shame, especially since the tour makes it seem like you’re going to enjoy image galleries inside. I guess those were just screen captures though.

The updates page reveals that a new anal sex video is added on a weekly basis, as has been the case since the site launched. When browsing the butt fucking movies you’ll see that they list four per page with a relatively small thumbnail and the name of the girl and her butt fucker to click. I was disappointed to learn that for all but a handful of the videos the only information you get before downloading is that one tiny thumbnail. One picture! That’s what they provide you with in order to make a decision about the 300-500mb file you want to download. Doesn’t that seem a tad stupid? The other scenes have 3-5 screenshots, which is little better.

The biggest frustration is that sometimes you can’t tell what the girl looks like. I want to know what the sluts look like before I commit to watching them get fucked, thank you very much. The scenes download fast and come in an AVI at 720x480 and 1800kbps, which is close to DVD quality. They certainly looked crystal clear like a DVD would if played on your computer. The lack of information on the scenes is frustrating because it’s such an easy thing to remedy. Taking a few screenshots really couldn’t be easier and I’ll bet they’ve done it for some scenes to make free hosted galleries.


Anal Screen is a hot butt fucking site that I’ve grown to like quite a bit during my time with it. They have obvious design issues but the laziness displayed there doesn’t bleed into the content. By and large the women are young and beautiful. Most have that distinct Eastern European look that makes them so attractive to the rest of the world. They are generally slim and tight with small, perky tits and great booties. They suck dick wonderfully and they’re clearly not virgins when it comes to the back door violation. They take cock in there pretty easily and they don’t shy away from the pleasure of it all.

Most scenes have little time for back story or plot development. That’s due in part to the fact that no one is speaking English, I’m sure. They usually just get right to the fooling around. The foreplay is actually a little awkward a lot of the time. It feels like the actors aren’t really comfortable with what can be the more intimate parts of sex. They don’t really want to kiss or caress or do the necking thing. They just want to get right to the sucking and fucking and that’s fine. Most videos feature a blowjob, pussy eating and some ass play before the dick comes out to go on an anal adventure.

The asshole is rammed hard with the nice big dick and the girl can take it all. Like I said, this isn’t the first time these girls have been to the anal rodeo. They try the anal fucking in missionary, doggy style and with the girl on top and in every position she can take it balls deep. The things that make Anal Screen unique are the heavy leaning on lingerie and stockings for the ladies and the amateur quality the scenes have because the women largely originate from Eastern European countries. That just makes it more fun. They have 86 scenes and that’s a pretty good collection but it might feel a little expensive when other, larger anal sites are out there.

Cons and pros:


  • Lots of lingerie and stockings;
  • Girls are hot, young and Eastern European;
  • Downloads are fast.


  • Only one video option per scene;
  • No English spoken;
  • No pictures.

When it comes down to it Anal Screen is a site to check out if you like European chicks, stockings and butt fucking. They combine those three things and despite the problems the site ultimately comes out in the positive. They have irritating design issues that are largely related to laziness in that they didn’t want to make the effort to give you more pictures for each scene. They give you such beautiful young women getting fucked so hard in the ass though so it’s pretty hard to resist giving it a shot. Sometimes the interaction between the couples seems awkward but that tends to dissipate once the fucking gets going. I think it’s worth the cash.

Featured comments:

I’m going to rant about the laziness because it fucking irritates me. They went to the trouble of shooting this really good anal sex content but they couldn’t be bothered to come up with a site design that didn’t suck ass. They couldn’t capture a gallery of 15 fucking screenshots for you? They couldn’t take out a tiny amount of time for that?

Where are the video options? This is modern internet where it’s not okay to have only AVI files anymore. It’s necessary to have WMVs and MPEGs and to have a streaming option. It’s necessary to do something like that! Also, what’s the fucking deal with not providing any information on the scenes? They don’t even have the runtime.

It feels like Anal Screen is an incomplete site without a few picture galleries to keep me entertained while my video downloads. It feels like I’m being charged too much as well. If there are no pictures then I should be getting a discount to compensate for the fact that I can find pictures and videos of good anal fucking on another site for the same price.

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