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Content quality: 23.0 of 25
Content quantity: 22.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20

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Site Details:


All WAM is one of the most unique sites I have seen in a while, it certainly has a bizarre twist to it but is still very arousing to say the very least. Orgy Max provides the net with some of the more unique sites around which can't be really be classified as mainstream porn but isn't crazy enough to be a fetish so it has carved it's own niche which is hard to do in the world of online porn where just about everything has been done.

Main idea:

I must say that I was quite intrigued with what All WAM has to offer. The acronym WAM stands for Wet and Messy which is exactly how the girls look on this site. The lovely models drench themselves in all sorts of sticky substances other than cum which is obviously a staple amongst many porn sites. Instead the ladies cover themselves with KY Jelly, cream, honey, and all sorts of gooey things from head to toe. Apart from seeing the girls getting nice and sticky members can also enjoy watching them get intimate with each other as they poke and lick each others tiny wet snatches.

Member's area:

The members area is quite basic as there is really only one section to it. Once members are on the home page they are immediately presented with the entire archive of episodes which currently spans over 243 indexed pages which carry up to 5 episodes each. The episodes are represented via 4 thumbnails featuring screen shots taken from the video footage along with a detailed description of all the gooey happenings within the scene. Also the links for both the video and picture content are found at below the pictures and description.

At the top of every page is a bar which includes links to all the 15 bonus sites including All WAM a single click on these links will take members directly to the main members area of their chosen site. Below the top banner there's a basic navigation menu, it doesn't include any links to the featured content as the archive is available right on the main members area after all, instead the navigation menu includes a link which will take you straight back to the first page, a DVD shop, and a blog which will allow members to keep in touch with each other.


My expectations on how much content the site provides was blown away, I thought a site which includes porn as bizarre as the stuff available on this site would have only provided a small amount of content but I was completely wrong. All up there's a grand total of roughly 1200 episodes all of which are exclusive to this site. Unfortunately the uploads haven't been logged so I can't give an accurate answer as to how well the site is doing with content numbers, but all I know is that 1200 episodes is certainly going to take quite some time to go through so I'm sure members won't be running out of sticky porn any time soon.

Members can download the videos in wmv and avi format which haven't been held back by DRM rules meaning once members have downloaded videos they can keep them for as long as they wish. The scenes go for roughly 15 minutes and are available to download in full scenes and short clips. The highest quality videos are available in (1100kbps @ 640x480), to keep things convenient for members who are on slower connections they have also included videos which are lower in quality and therefore smaller in file size, these are available in (1000kbps @ 512x384). I should mention that not all the videos are available in this quality as some of the older ones haven't been re-encoded in to the current quality standards but are still a decent watch.

All the episodes come with a set of pictures which contain roughly 200 images each. The photos pretty much follow along with the action of the videos. Quality wise the photos look great, they're very clear and the colors are vibrant and they are decently sized at (1024x683 pixels). Also the have used artificial lighting which makes the photos look much better, to put it simply the photos are excellent and I'm sure even the most hard pleased photo lovers will appreciate the photo content available on this site.

You may remember me mentioning in the members area section that members have access to the Orgy Max network, well I wasn't kidding because on sign-up members are given free access to all 15 sites on the network. A lot of the sites are fetish based sites covering kinky categories such as pissing, fisting, and trannies. So it's definitely a network worth looking in to if you are one who loves porn which is a little more kinkier than usual.

The ladies on show are surprisingly hot, I mean with a bizarre site like this I was expecting just some average looking ladies but from what I have seen the model standards are quite high. One thing the site could improve on though is diversity in nationalities as most of the ladies look to be of Caucasian heritage. Good news is there's a diverse selection of body types and ages so the cast isn't completely without diversity.

Cons and pros:


  • Unique concept;
  • A massive archive of episodes;
  • All the content is exclusive to the site;
  • Both the videos and pictures are of decent quality;
  • Easy to browse site;
  • Access to the entire Orgy Max network.


  • Updates haven't been logged.

The main thing which All WAM has going for it is the unique niche they have based their content on. Also as far as content numbers go the site has a massive collection and seems even larger considering all the episodes are exclusive to the site. The only thing which has me concerned is that the latest updates haven't been logged so I'm not sure if the site is still active on updates or has stopped completely, either way there's already quite a bit of content to go through and the site will certainly keep members entertained for quite some time.

Featured comments:

Wow I have to say that this site certainly provides some content which I have never seen before, sexy ladies drenching each other with sticky liquids, a little strange but some what arousing at the same time I think I've fallen in love with this unique niche. Also as a fetish fan I appreciated that the network is largely based around fetish niches, so I am pretty much set for life as far as fetish porn goes.

I was blown away by the amount of content this site has provided. I mean who would have thought that such a strange category like this could possibly have over 1000 videos! Either way I'm certainly not complaining and the fact that you won't find this content anywhere else on the net certainly grants the site more credibility.

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