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All Hot Lesbians

All Hot Lesbians

Content quality: 21.0 of 25
Content quantity: 24.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20

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Site Details:

All Hot Lesbians

All Hot Lesbians sounds like quite the treat, on this site you won’t see a single cock as it is pussy galore right from the start. This steamy lesbian orientated site offers over 1300 episodes complete with a huge library of stunning photo galleries. Videos are fairly decent in quality but the new updates are available in gorgeous HD resolutions, so you can enjoy watching the beautiful ladies going down on each other in stunning quality. All Hot Lesbians is the complete package for just about any type of lesbian fan as there’s quite a diverse selection of lesbian episodes to indulge in.

Main idea:

The title of this site makes it fairly obvious what this site is all about, and that’s plenty of pussy lickings. Obviously you won’t be finding any dick on this site, which probably sounds like heaven for lesbian lovers since the main reason why fans love this type of content is because of the absence of cock. Instead members can enjoy watching the luscious ladies lick and finger each other in steamy one on ones, or heated lesbian orgies. There’s also plenty of dildo play to be enjoyed, the double ended dildo shows are especially hot! All in all, this site is the complete package for any type of lesbian lover.

Member's area:

All Hot Lesbians has a very light color scheme to it, the bulk of the site is white with grey and red trimmings. Although the site does have a bright visage, the site designers have done a great job on making sure the color scheme isn’t too straining on the eyes. The one thing that is a little distracting is that there are a lot of items on the main member’s area so it can look a little crowded. There are also some advertisements, but luckily they are found towards the bottom of the site so that they don’t distract from the featured content. The site does look fairly nice and the layout makes accessing the featured content a breeze, it’s just that the site does look a little cluttered.

The first thing member’s will come across on the main member’s area is the picture and video of the day section, this pulls up what seems to be a random video and photo gallery in their huge collection. Further down is where the latest updates are located, this section has the latest updates for both the photo and video updates, members can change the type of media they are browsing through by utilizing the photo and video tabs at the top of this section. At the very bottom of the main member’s area is the top rated galleries section, this area consists of the photos and videos that current members have voted to be the hottest in the collection. This section will come in handy for new members who are having troubles choosing where to go due to the daunting amount of content available.

The navigation menu located down the length of the left side of the site consists of links which has the featured content organized in various lesbian sub-categories. This is a useful search tool given the diversity of different types of lesbian content there is available on All Hot Lesbians. The top navigation menu consists of links which will allow a member to browse the entire collection of past updates. Aside from the featured content, the top navigation menu also includes links to various extras, including bonus lesbian content, live cam shows, adult dating service, and a DVD theatre. These extras are a nice addition to the featured content and will be useful when members need a break from the saucy lesbian porn.


There are plenty of lesbian sites out there so All Hot Lesbians had to deliver something outstanding in order to stand out in the seemingly endless sea of lesbian sites. What the developers have really excelled on is providing members with a good amount of content. At the moment the site provides over 1300 lesbian orientated videos, quite an impressive number, though it was to be expected as the site has been live for close to 10 years now; having been launched early 2003. The episodes aren’t exclusive to the site, but with over 1300 episodes on offer who’s going to complain? It seems as though the site is still being updates according to the information available on the site, though the content numbers don’t seem to match up with their update patterns. It could be that the developers are recycling their old content and claiming them to be new updates, not the most honest way to promote a site, but at least they do have a large amount of content for members.

Quality-wise the videos can be a bit of a mix and match since the earlier videos were encoded in lower resolutions in comparison to the latest updates. The older episodes aren’t awful, though there’s certainly room for improvement in the quality department, the older episodes are available in 640x480 resolutions whilst most of the new videos are available in HD ready 1280x720. There’s no real middle ground so you’ve either got really great looking HD videos or mediocre older videos, it would be nice to see the developers re-encoded the older videos to look as awesome as the newer content, though it doesn’t look like that is going to happen any time soon.

In addition to the videos, the developers have also provided a huge amount of photo galleries with a current total of over 1000 photo galleries that hold up to 90 photos on average. Unlike the videos, the photo content is fairly consistent in quality, and the good news is that the photo quality is wonderful. Like the videos, the photo galleries are lesbian orientated, these will certainly appeal to hard-pleased photo lovers as the quality is rather stunning. The photos can either be viewed straight off the site, with the option of downloading the entire gallery in zip files to view offline.

Cons and pros:


  • Lots of content;
  • New videos are in HD;
  • Photos look great;
  • Easy to navigate.


  • Not exclusive content;
  • Older content is recycled;
  • Site looks a little cluttered.

The main aspect in which All Hot Lesbians excels on is content numbers, though providing over 1300 episodes isn’t overly impressive given the site has been live for almost 10 years now, and the fact that they have put their old videos on rotation isn’t the best. On a lighter note, the developers are at least releasing HD quality videos which is always a nice change. The lesbian content is certainly hot, and the lesbian models even more so, though there’s plenty of room for improvement on this site. All in all a fairly standard lesbian site, mainly because it doesn’t bring anything new or outstanding to the table, but if it’s a huge amount of lesbian content you’re after, then you’ll certainly find that here.

Featured comments:

Lesbian content is certainly my favourite type of porn so it goes without saying that I was more than hyped to check out All Hot Lesbians. Well there’s certainly a massive amount of content on offer, though it seems as though the developers have gone with the quantity over quality approach which doesn’t always work. I certainly appreciated that the newer videos are available in HD ready quality, though their recycling of older content is a letdown, they could at least re-encode their re-releases in to HD content.

With the lesbian market being saturated with thousands of lesbian sites, it’s going to take quite a bit for a lesbian orientated site to stand out. To be frank, All Hot Lesbians is a decent lesbian site though it does have quite a few flaws. The main flaw being that the older videos are on rotation, meaning what they claim to be new updates, are really just old episodes being re-uploaded. Either way they’ve already got a huge amount of content for members, and the newer videos are available in awesome HD ready quality.

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