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All Celeb Pass

All Celeb Pass

Content quality: 18.0 of 25
Content quantity: 24.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 19.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 1 day: $0.95
  • 1 month: $29.95
  • 3 months: $59.95

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Site Details:

All Celeb Pass

There’s something genuinely irresistible about a hot celebrity. These women are like goddesses. They’re above the rest of us with their perfect bodies, their beautiful faces and their dedication to glamour. We like seeing them in hot magazine spreads modeling sexy clothes and we like seeing them in paparazzi pictures forgetting to wear panties. What if you had a site that would provide you with all of those things plus celebrity fakes, celebrity sex tapes and red carpet pictures? That would be a pretty big collection of content and that’s what they do at All Celeb Pass.

Main idea:

All Celeb Pass is a mighty collection of content built entirely around your favorite celebrities and some you’ve never even heard of. These women are stunningly beautiful with great bodies and they do some very naughty things. They have all the sex tapes you could ever want and they’ve gone ahead and make some hot fake celebrity pictures just in case certain girls haven’t ever gotten nude for you. Want to see Megan Fox totally nude and getting fucked? I’ll bet you do! They do celeb toons as well and those can get really graphic. They essentially have a full collection of content here and it’s all about the sexy celebs.

Member's area:

When you log in you’ll be looking at the three choices you get from the All Celeb Pass. The sites are as follows: Banned Celebs, Celeb Defamer and Gogo Celeb. Banned Celebs is well designed and offers more than 1.8 million photos and 59,000 movies. They update daily with new content and have just about every celebrity sex tape. The site is largely comprised of pictures take on the red carpet and you can type in any celebrity name you want or you can search alphabetically for some random chick that might turn you on. They have the highest rated and the most popular girls as well and that’s a good place to get your rocks off.

Celeb Defamer is the celebrity fake site and the design is pretty much the same as the previously mentioned celebrity porn destination. You have an A-Z list of the babes featured and they display the number of pictures for that chick so you can find one with lots of shots. They have a search function and on the main page they post the latest featured updates and all the latest additions. They give something new every two days and the site is pretty big already. They don’t have a list of the most popular and highest rated girls.

Gogo Celeb is part of the All Elite Pass design and it’s pretty bland. It’s not offensive or annoying, it’s just not very interesting. They have 15 scenes listed on the member’s main page and then you can jump to the rest of the content by using the nav buttons at the bottom. The site has some serious problems with loading quickly though. I’ve actually been waiting for a full 60 seconds for a page to load right now. That’s just awful. There’s no reason it should be that way. The images display at 1000px and look good.


Banned Celebs is basically the paparazzi and sex tape site. They update daily with a whole bunch of pictures and new videos and they get them from every source. Mostly you’ll see red carpet and public appearance pictures, including stuff the celebs probably wouldn’t want you to see like when they get topless on a vacation. They don’t make any distinction between the nude and non-nude pictures so it can be a major hassle if you’re just looking for titties. They have more than 1.8 million pictures though and that’s just amazing. My favorite thing is the video compilations they make. Examples include the top 25 celebrity blowjobs and accidental nudity compilations.

I’ve always been a little skeptical of celebrity nude fakes because they seem so silly. The folks at Celeb Defamer have turned me though. Now I know how much fun it is to check out picture of Megan Fox fucking that actually looks realistic. It’s the realistic part that’s challenging and that’s where a lot of celebrity fake makers screw up. The folks here are talented and they do a good job so you don’t have to worry about it. They have a considerable number of celebs covered and they’re doing their best to turn you on with hardcore fakes and softcore fakes. If you’ve ever wanted to see your favorite celebs fucking and sucking this is a pretty good place to do it.

Gogo Celeb is a celebrity comic site that comes with 62 galleries to browse. The site was launched in late 2008 and they’ve been updating sporadically. There was a six month gap between updates recently and now they’re giving us a new scene every two weeks. It won’t be growing much. They typically make their scenes inspired by movies. You’ll see the characters from the new Star Trek movie fucking, for example. So you see celebrities in a setting you’re familiar with if you saw the movie and you see them fucking lustily. Some of the scenes get pretty naughty too. It’s comic fucking so anything can happen, obviously. Membership also comes with access to 71 sites that largely feature hardcore content so it makes the site a pretty good deal.

Cons and pros:


  • Tons of celebrity content;
  • Frequent updates;
  • Good price;
  • More bonus sites.


  • Not much celebrity cartoon content;
  • Nudity isn’t separated on Banned Celebs.

If you’re in the market for a celebrity porn site I would recommend All Celeb Pass.Ultimately celebrity sites all have the same content because no one is producing exclusive stuff because they can’t. Given that you might as well join the site with the most content and this one has it. Banned Celebs is a huge site with millions of pictures and tens of thousands of videos featuring a little of everything. Celeb Defamer is perfect for the guys that crave naughty fakes and Gogo Celeb has cartoon porn to give you the naughty kind of action you want but can never see. All the celebrity sex tapes are available for download and you can find most nude scenes from DVDs.

Featured comments:

The reviewer touched on this but it’s kind of annoying to browse Banned Celebs. They list 16 pictures per page when you’re in the galleries and someone like Paris Hilton has 20,000 pictures. They need to give us some options for how many pictures we want to see per page. That’s just way too many images to try and get through.

The fakes are pretty fucking awesome but there are some seriously lame ones in there. It’s when the size of the head and the body don’t match that things really get sloppy. Once they have that figured out they’ll be fine. There are plenty of excellent fakes too so it’s not like you should be worrying.

You’re going to have fun at All Celeb Pass. If you just want to download the celebrity sex tapes then they have every one of them that’s available. If you want to look at the girls in their expensive dresses they have tons of red carpet pics. If you want screen captures from DVDs they have those too. They’re not as well organized as they should be but there are lots of them.

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