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21 Sextury Network

21 Sextury Network

Content quality: 25.0 of 25
Content quantity: 25.0 of 25
Design and usability: 8.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 20.0 of 20

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Site Details:

21 Sextury Network

21 Sextury is well known for providing the net with some of the most gorgeous models around, ranging from all sorts of nationalities doing all sorts of naughty acts of sex. This network provides content which is exclusive only to the network which does come as a rarity nowadays when it comes to massive networks such as this one. Their sites range from kinky fetish sites, to the more mainstream sites involving steamy girl on girl action. And if you’re hard-pressed on finding a network which stars European models then you’ll be glad to know that 21 Sextury Network has quite the line-up of those raunchy European babes whom are incredibly seductive. A great all-round network for those of you who are fussy when it comes to exclusivity and standard of models.

Main Idea:

As with most networks similar to 21 Sextury, there’s no solid Main Idea as these types of networks strive to provide members with a wealth of different types of porn to give them a diverse porn experience. 21 Sextury does a great job on this, though they mainly focus on popular mainstream categories and covering some of the tamer fetishes such as foot fetish. Their sites which cover mainstream categories include lesbian content, milf porn, anal sex, with a few official European pornstar sites thrown in for good measure, and for those of you who are fans of the seductive and beautiful Aletta Ocean, you’ll be glad to know that her official site is found on this network.

Members Area:

For such an extensive and popular 21 Sextury, the member’s area does look quite plain, and the overall presentation does look rather dated, to put it simply; it’s not much to look at. The site is draped in colors of two shades of blue and white which tends to make the site look flat rather than jump out at you, so it isn’t a very fancy site. Although the site presentation could do with a make-over; at least the site does have an easy-to use interface and the layout implemented makes the site look nice and spacious as the different elements on the page aren’t tightly packed together like some sites out there that try to squeeze as much content as they can on one page. So although the site may not be overly flashy, at least it’s easy to navigate and has a simple bare-bones layout.

After logging in through the tour pages members are taken to the main hub page for the entire network. Here members are presented with information on the latest updates and links to the various models found towards the bottom of the page. This makes it easy for members to keep up to date on all the news across all the sites rather than having to visit the individual sites themselves. They have also made the process of traversing between the various pages an easy one with the help of the side navigation menu located on the left side of the main member’s page. This menu includes quick links to the various sites that are a part of the 21 Sextury Network.

Members will notice that all the sites on the 21 Sextury Network look identical which derives from the individuality of the various sites, it would have been nice if they at least made the effort to give each different site a unquie color-scheme as an indication to what site a member is on, because it can get rather confusing figuring out which site you are on since the top logo also remains the same throughout the entire network of sites. All the sites have the same layout though which does make for consistent browsing, and accessing content is as simple as clicking on the thumbnail links to access the various download links within. Overall the site could do with a make-over from its dated look, but at least the network is easy to navigate.


21 Sextury is no new face in the online porn world as the network has been live for roughly a decade now with the first uploads dated all the way back to 2003. Since then the site has accumulated an expansive collection of scenes totalling to over 10,500 videos starring over 2600 different models; all of which are very attractive, not to mention the diverse selection of different flavours. Even now the developers still continue to indulge their lucky members with a constant stream of new updates with two new uploads every day, as if members didn’t already have enough porn to last them a life-time; the developers still continue to pump new content on their network. This feat seems even more impressive when you take in to account that every one of those 10,500 plus videos are exclusive to the network, meaning you won’t find this content anywhere else on the net, truly an amazing achievement. Members will find that some of the sites are more filled-out in comparison to others as the content numbers aren’t evenly spread out amongst the sites. To put it simply; some of the sites are huge, whilst others are in urgent need of new content, but looking at the big picture the network is doing very well as far as content numbers go.

Having been around for a long time can be a double-sided sword when it comes to porn sites, mainly because the older content isn’t usually on par in quality in contrast to new content, and this rings true when you look at the 21 Sextury network’s older updates in comparison to newer updates. On a brighter note; the network developers have kept up to date on video quality standards as all their new updates are available in gorgeous 1080p HD quality. Videos are available to download in both mp4 and wmv format, with the option of streaming the videos off the site in flash format, there are no DRM restrictions nor download limits; so members can download as much as they want in a single day.

Pros & Cons:


  • over 10,500 videos;
  • All content is exclusive;
  • New videos are in 1080p;
  • High model standards;
  • Good variety of mainstream porn.


  • Sites look a little dull;
  • Older videos are low quality.

21 Sextury Network is definitely one of the more impressive networks around, not only is their content exclusive which is quite a rare thing amongst networks with the same magnitude of size, but there is a huge amount of it to go through with over 10,500 videos; not to mention that there are at least 2 new updates per day; members won’t have to worry about running out of porn any time soon. The only complaint that could be made is that the older videos are available in low quality, and that the site presentation does look a tad dull. Either way these are mostly superficial annoyances rather than problems as the pros of the site far outweigh the negatives. If you want a nice variety of popular mainstream porn starring some of the most gorgeous models around; then you’ll certainly want to give this impressive network a go.


I have a thing for European women and seeing as 21 Sextury has official sites of some of the sexiest European models around I was more than looking forward to seeing what this network had in store. Sure enough I was more than impressed with what the network had to offer, not only do they provide a huge amount of content but the quality is surprisingly high, a safe join for lovers of mainstream porn.

In my opinion 21 Sextury is one of the best networks around, and it goes to show that their many years of being live (10 years to be exact) have given their developers insight as to what porn lovers want. Plenty of porn, high standards of models, and high quality videos, all of which the developers of this amazing network have delivered on. Truly a masterpiece of porn on an epic scale, every self-respecting porn lover ought to check out this network.

No matter what angle you look at the 21 Sextury Network it seems to be perfect. They have provided a nice variety of steamy mainstream porn, the pornstars they have featured are A grade, and they have now upgraded their quality to true HD 1080p. There’s just no going wrong here folks, not to mention that Aletta Oceans’ official site is a part of this network, one of my favourite European pornstars of all time.

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