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21 Sextreme Network

21 Sextreme Network

Content quality: 25.0 of 25
Content quantity: 24.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 20.0 of 20

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Site Details:

21 Sextreme Network

21 Sextreme Network is one of the most extensive networks around, and unlike many Network sites out there 21 Sextury Network provides exclusive content you won't be able to find anywhere else on the net. This is saying a lot for a network of this magnitude. 21 Sextreme Network offers members a diverse porn experience covering many popular categories such as anal, lesbian, and milfs, with a few kinky fetish sites thrown in for good measure, covering some of the tamer fetishes including foot fetish, and gaping. 21 Sextreme also consists of some official sites of big name European pornstars, and the best part is the sites provide true HD content.

Main Idea:

Being a collection of sites that all cover a different niche – 21 Sextreme Network doesn't really have a solid main idea. This by no means a bad thing as members can indulge in quite the diverse porn library ranging from favourite mainstream porn, to the kinkier side of things. To give a brief overview of what the site has to offer; there are sites that cover lesbian, anal, teens, milfs, and some reality sites. On the more kinkier side of things there are foot fetish sites, gaping sites, and many more fetish based sites which are considered the tamer fetishes around.

Members Area:

21 Sextreme has been around for quite some time and to be brutally honest it definitely shows in the site presentation. The site doesn't look too bad, it's just that you can tell by the flat colours used and the general layout that the site probably hasn't changed much over the years, and that it doesn't look as flashy as the newer sites you see around. So as far as presentation goes the site does look a little boring, which really doesn't do this awesome network of sites justice. But either way it's just a superficial thing, the site works fine and the layout used does make traversing the various sites a breeze.

One thing you may notice as you visit the various sites is that they all consist of the same colour scheme, which could make things a little confusing in keeping track on which site you are on. It also makes the network feel very uniform, it would have been nice if the different sites had different colour schemes to give them a little more individuality, but again these are just all superficial short-comings.

The main homepage for the entire network includes information in regards to the latest updates which is the first section you will come across. This section includes thumbnail links for the latest updates, all of which are linked to the main content area of the scene where members can access the video downloads and photo galleries. At the bottom of the homepage is a models area from where members can view the content via models, this is great for members who have favourite models and want to see all the content their model has starred in.

Members can make their way to the various site using the links found in the top navigation menu. There's a particular link tagged 'sites' this link will take members to an area filled with all the banner links to the various sites on the network. A single click on these will take the member straight to the homepage of their selected site from where they can commence to browse all the content the site has to offer.


The 21 Sextreme network is certainly no newbie when it comes to online porn, in fact it may have been one of the very first networks to have gone live way back in the day when these types of network were still a new concept. According to the upload dates of the oldest scenes, the site was launched all the way back in early January 2003, that said the site has been up and running for over a decade now; so if anyone knows what porn fans want; it's definitely these guys. 10 years on and the site is still very active on updates, they do upload at least one scene per day, though there are days when they upload up to 5 new updates. This is quite an impressive feat for a site that has been running for over 10 years, and it seems even greater when you take in to account that all the content available on the network is 100% exclusive to the site, meaning you won't be able to find them anywhere else on the net.

In total there are over 8400 scenes and counting. It doesn't come as a huge surprise given that the site has been live for over a decade now, but the most impressive part is that the content is exclusive, and that they still continue to update the network. All content on offer has no DRM restrictions so once they are on your computer, they are as good as yours to keep for as long as you like, and with no download limits members can download as much as they want in a single day.

Having been live for so long; it was no surprise to see that the site's older videos are rather low in quality. The good news is that the site developers have stayed up to date with the quality standards over the years and now they have gorgeous true HD content which is considered top-shelf quality nowadays. The only bad part is that they haven't gone and re-encoded the older content in true HD 1080p which is a shame because there are a lot of very hot older updates. Either way it's a good thing they do provide HD 1080p now, and they are available to download off the site in mp4 and wmv video files.

Pros & Cons:


  • Good variety of porn;
  • Exclusive Content;
  • Consistent updates;
  • HD quality;
  • Easy to navigate sites;
  • Lots of content.


  • Older videos low in quality;
  • Site looks a little dull.

The only downfalls of 21 Sextreme Network are very superficial and really don't effect the site's overall awesomeness. The only minor short-coming is that the older videos are available in rather low quality videos, which is understandable since some of these videos were launched over 10 years ago. The good part is that the developers are now uploading 1080p HD content at a consistent rate. The network gets huge points for diversity, exclusivity, and most importantly; their models really know how to fuck, and they're all very attractive. 21 Sextreme Network is a safe join for just about any type of porn lover, whether you love tame fetishes, popular mainstream porn, or official sites of gorgeous big-name pornstars then you're bound to find something you'll love here on 21 Sextreme Network.


I have been a member of the 21 Sextury network for a long time now, and the main reason why is that I didn't find the need to join any other sites because this network provides me with all of my porn needs. I love popular categories such as anal, milf, and lesbians, though I do love my tamer fetishes like foot fetish and anal gaping, all of which the 21 Sextury network provides.

Being a long-time member of the awesome 21 Sextury Network, I have had the pleasure to watch the site upgrade as far as video quality goes. Sure their older videos are very low in quality by today's standards, but back then they were top-shelf. It's good to see the developers aren't slacking off and have been keeping up with current quality standards, heck they provide true 1080p HD content now!

What I love most about this network is that they never fail to feature only the most attractive models around, seriously though you'll be hard-pressed trying to find an average-looking pornstar amongst 21 Sextreme Network's ranks, not to mention there's a nice variety of models to indulge your eyes in. They even have big-name pornstars from Europe's official sites here, if you love your eye-candy then you will love this network.

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