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18 X Girls

18 X Girls This site has a Special Croco Guide Discount

Content quality: 21.0 of 25
Content quantity: 20.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 15.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 1 Month: $14.95
  • 6 Month: $74.95

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Site Details:

18 X Girls

18 X Girls is a very simple site and it’s one that delivers exactly what it promises to, with no fuss, no messing around, no unnecessary bells and whistles. It’s simply about bringing you beautiful, young and innocent girls in high definition videos and galleries. There are exclusive models and content, a very easy to use interface in the members’ area and variety in the content. You will find a well laid out tour area that lets you sample trailers and see images that you will find inside, and, when you head to the join page, you will also find that there are some neat membership options. It’s one of those offers where the longer you sign up for the more money you save.

Main idea:

Like I said, it’s all about beautiful, young and innocent girls here, but some of the things they get up to show that they are not as innocent as you might at first think. You will find solos inside, plus girl on girl action for some very erotic lesbian moments, and there are also hardcore movies where the youthful ladies get involved with older men. There is definitely a high definition feel to the site and we’re promised only good quality movies. There are galleries to go with them and you get a good idea, from the tour, of exactly what you will find when you sign in.

Member's area:

The sweet design of the tour continues in the members’ area where you, again, have a very simple set up. You start with page one of 23, which is basically all your content set out across numbered index pages. But there is a top menu to explore too. This takes you first to Home, where you currently are, and then to You Favourites, so you can tell that you are going to be able to make up your own personal stock of the best girls and their movies. And, as you explore the videos you will find that you are also able to rate them, and see what rating they have, and you can make comments too.

Also in your menu is a link to the bonus content, as you have some extra feed sites to view, and there is a Help button which actually leads to your email programme; in case you need to send a message to the webmasters. A search box that is driven by your own keywords helps you to search out the content you want to find.

So that is all very simple and straightforward. Once you've finished exploring the menu simply click Home to get to the first of those index pages, and from here you can start to explore the content. There are no small sample images here, there are large ones, neatly arranged with some information, the ratings and the models’ names and categories. Click a name to see if Christine, Laura, Kyra or any of the other girls have appeared in more than one movie, and click the category to see other similar videos and galleries.

Those galleries come with some extra functions too; you can download zip files, run slideshows and even see thumbnails in two sizes. Like the rest of 18 X Girls, this area has been well thought out, is smooth running and simple to use. In short, the members’ area presents you with no problems at all.


As for actual numbers of content: I found that the 23 index pages contained eight movies/galleries each and that meant a total of 184 full length scene. Some ran for over 30 minutes, some were shorter, but all were easily accessible. Watch out for the other tabs at the bottom of these index pages, they take you to the streaming window and to the Blue Ray one, where you can stream really high quality versions of the movies, as long as your connection speed can cope.

Downloading is easy. You go to an individual movie page and make your selection of high quality WMV or a lesser Mpeg, or an MP4 for iPods etc. It’s all very easy to do. And when you do finally start to view a movie you will find them well made, good quality and totally lead blowing. These girls may be young but they know how to turn us on. You've got sexy solos with masturbation and toy play; there are those girl on girl scene some of which are erotic and others that are hardcore with more toys and vibrators; and you've got hardcore moments too, with stiff and hung guys giving our teen girls the pleasuring of their young lives.

Horny and hot for sure, and good quality, and the best thing is that the site promises us new uploads twice a week. So that means more exclusive and hot action every few days. While you wait for new scene you can view the galleries. These have various amounts of pics each, but you've again got good quality images, easy to use navigation tools and lots of sexy moments to collect.

And, as everything is on the theme of teen girls, you get exactly what was promised to you on the tour. Only the tour didn’t say how nice and easy the site is to use, so you've got that added attraction too.

Bonus features:

The Bonus Features tab in the main menu will take you to two adult video sites for streaming and downloading released DVDs, and to 21 varied feed sites where you can stream non-exclusive movies. A neat little collection of things to see and do while you’re waiting for your main site’s updates.

Cons and pros:


  • This site is very well designed, simple and very effective;
  • You get exactly the kind of content you were promised on the tour;
  • The quality is good and there are some very high resolution versions of the movies;
  • The image galleries are also good quality and easy to navigate;
  • You’re going to get good value for money and you’re going to find some very horny young girls here.


  • Anyone on a slow connection will have a long wait for the quality movies, as file sizes are large – or else you will only be able to access the mobile phone versions;
  • You don’t find out very much about the girls, there is no model index and no stats, just some descriptions and maybe chat in the movies.

For a stand alone, teen girl site 18 X Girls works brilliantly. You get youthful, sexy, sweet, shaved and sensual young girls in solos and hardcore scenes just as promised; you find good quality movies in various formats but with high definition and even Blue Ray versions to view. You find an easy to use members’ area that is well designed, simple and effective, and you find easy navigation everywhere, including in the quality galleries. Add in the feeds and the twice weekly updates and you’re getting great value for money too.

Featured comments:

Totally sexy young vixens are here and what a group they are. I really went for the up-close shaved pussy shots in some of the vids, and I liked seeing those manly cocks penetrate those tight holes. It’s a real hum-dinger of a site this is, especially for anyone like me who’s into youth and beauty.

Yes, a good site as far as it goes but I’d have liked more extras, more things to do. It’s nice to know more about the girls and have some written stats and biographies of them, so you feel like you know them better. It’s good to have a message board, and I know you can leave comments but does anyone actually read them or take notice? A message board would be a good addition.

Helene and Kyra’s lesbo scene has to be one of my all time favourites here. You can really believe that these two girls are teenagers from school experimenting and hanging out, then going all the way. It’s so hot. Love the other lesbian scenes to of course and the solos, and I really like they way the solos use toys. The whole thing is a cinch to use and get around, not like some other sites I've seen. I think this site is great and it’s really worth staying a member of.

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