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18 Passport

18 Passport

Content quality: 20.0 of 25
Content quantity: 23.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 3 days: $1.00
  • 1 month: $34.95
  • 3 months: $59.95

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Site Details:

18 Passport

If you’re an avid buyer of pornography then chances are good you’ve already bought a membership to the most popular porn networks out there. You were lured in by their incredible deals and with good cause. The porn networks are the best way to get value for your spending dollars. However, you might be tired of the big ones because they all have the same kind of content and when you’ve seen a hundred scenes you’ve sort of seen them all. If you’re in that situation what you need is something fresh. 18 Passport might very well be that fresh site for your pleasure. They give you access to 18 sites (big surprise) for the price of one and it looks like they’re doing some different stuff here. It’s worth getting excited about and looking into.

Main idea:

Porn networks are always a good idea. You get a bunch of sites for the price of one and they usually update a ton so you never really run out of porn as long as you’re a member. 18 Passport is a network of adult sites filled with different kinds of content and you can pay them a visit to see a brief tour of each site. There are streaming trailers from each scene and at first glance it looks like they’re doing exceptionally glamorous porn starring girls that you don’t see every day. Maybe they make their smut in Europe. It’s exciting either way.

Member's area:

The first annoyance is that you have to log in to each site separately. This is something most porn networks have solved by now and it’s annoyingly sloppy. Can you imagine logging in 18 different times? It’s annoying. They put up links to the 13 most recent scenes from every site on the member’s main page for 18 Passport and then you can click on any of them to log in. Once you do you can browse that site’s entire collection. It’s a little sloppy but that’s a theme that will play out over the course of the review.

Every site is designed in the same basic way. The main page has the latest content updates with a preview picture and a star rating. They also have the top rated and most visited content. There are advertisements thrown in just to get a little extra money out of you. When you choose to see the movies they have five preview pictures from each with a link to the video download and the screenshots. The videos are good looking at roughly 640x480 and most sites have a small number of high definition videos at 1280x720. The sites that have picture galleries offer them in 1000px and there are zip files for each set.

There’s a search function for each site but it doesn’t offer you much more than looking through keywords so you should avoid it entirely. If you’re going to find the content it’s going to be by date or by rating. The biggest problem with the 18 Passport network is that a lot of the porn is non-exclusive or old looking. They’ve grabbed it from another source and passed it off as authentic or they just filmed it a really long time ago and are adding it as if it’s new. It’s not horrible but it doesn’t feel anywhere near the quality of the highest profile porn networks.


For the majority of the sites at 18 Passport the content is of a C+ or B- level. It doesn’t compare to what the best porn networks are doing out there, as mentioned above. They also charge $34.95/month, which is $10 more than some of the bit networks charge. So they’re offering lower quality content and they’re charging you more for it. It seems like there wouldn’t be a reason to join but that’s not entirely the case. First, they have content that you probably haven’t seen before and it feels different from the stuff they make on the reality porn network. This stuff is largely professional pornography and it’s not trying to be anything else.

They also have a far different array of content for you. There’s a whole site dedicated to nurses being naughty and I guarantee you won’t find that on the big reality porn networks. Now that site is not particularly awesome but it’s still a bunch of slutty nurses behaving badly and it’s hard to fault that. They have a quality shemale site featuring gorgeous chicks with dicks sucking and fucking. There’s a fetish site where they bring you pictures and videos of girls dressed in leather and latex doing terribly naughty things to each other and to male slaves. They have a hentai site where animated beauties behave in ways that can only come from the imagination of an incredibly dirty man. That’s what they do at 18 Passport that’s different.

In some ways the non-exclusive nature of the content can be a benefit. Instead of an office sex site where every scene feels the same because they’re all filmed in the same place by the same people they have an office sex site where each scene offers something totally different because they’re all pulled from different sources. They also do separate videos and picture galleries here so you generally get double the content exposure. I noticed a few galleries that were actually taken from other sites, which seems bizarre (and possibly illegal) but that won’t really affect you. You can see a full list of the sites on the tour so I don’t have to go into them all. Each has plenty of content though and they definitely managed to come up with a vast array of porn for you.

Cons and pros:


  • A nice variety of content;
  • Frequent updates to the network;
  • Tons of videos and picture galleries.


  • Much of the content is non-exclusive or really old looking;
  • Price is too high;
  • Design and navigation should be better.

18 Passport doesn’t get a lot of press as a site network because it’s not that great. It would be nice if it was this underdog that had snuck below our radar but really it’s just a mid-level quality network. They have 18 sites you can sift through and you get to enjoy a fair amount of pornography on each. They’ve come up with some relatively fresh themes for their sites and they’ve recycled some old ones. The videos are downloadable at DVD quality and some of the sites offer a small selection of HD movies as well. The price is probably the biggest stumbling block. They charge more than most networks and offer less. It’s different though so if you haven’t seen the others you should give this one a few moments of your time.

Featured comments:

You can say a lot about 18 Passport but you shouldn’t say that it’s a good site. It’s of decent quality but not high quality. The girls are good looking and they perform well but each site feels like an amalgamation of content they grabbed from other sources. It’s just not as good as it should be and they’re charging too much money.

Inflation happens and porn sites are going to get more expensive over time. That’s just how it goes. The porn sites leading the expensive charge should be the really good ones though, not 18 Passport. They charge you $35/month for this rather mediocre collection of porn and it’s ridiculous. They should be yelled at loudly by the masses for trying to get away with that.

My biggest problem with 18 Passport is that it seems as though almost all of the content is non-exclusive. It’s the way no one scene has continuity with any other. They’re obviously just purchased from a bunch of different locations and that really sucks. If I’m paying $35/month then I’m paying for exclusive content.

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