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18 Close Up

18 Close Up

Content quality: 25.0 of 25
Content quantity: 19.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 1 month: $17.20

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Site Details:

18 Close Up

What do you really know about the pussy? If you’re reading this then you’ve probably seen a lot of porn so you’ve seen a lot of pussy but do you really know how to pleasure a girl? Do you really know what the pussy looks like and where the clit is? Do you know the folds of your lady’s hot box? Do you know what it looks like when she spreads her lips open and teases with the pretty pink flesh that waits inside? Some guys know shockingly little about the thing they spend their lives chasing after and a site like 18 Close Up is a pretty good way of learning a little something. The whole point is showing you extremely intimate views of teen pussy and that sort of viewing party is the best way to learn about something that is so wonderful and generates so much pleasure for the men of the world.

Main idea:

18 Close Up promises you teens under intense scrutiny and it’s a great idea for a site. There are other places online where you can find close ups of the snatch but I haven’t seen any that seem as dedicated as this one. They tell you exactly how much content is inside right on the tour and so far they have more than 300 videos. They promise 1080p HD content and all manner of content types. You should really visit the tour to see the various types of stuff they’re putting on camera featuring great young pussies looking their best.

Member's area:

The member’s area kicks off with the latest beauty. They have a little collage of pictures of her body and then that’s it. They don’t actually link to anything in that collage. You’ll have to browse a little bit further down where you can find every update they’ve ever done collected. There are small pictures of the models and if you click a pretty face you’ll be taken to her page where you can peruse all the lovely videos and see what she has to offer.

It’s a tad disingenuous of them to say they have more than 300 videos though. They have that many because they split the full length scenes into small clips that typically run 6 minutes long. Most full length movies are 20 minutes and some girls have done one shoot and some two. A few have stuck around for even more because they’re clearly favorites. There are 51 models on the site and the best way to browse the content is to hit the model page and pick the one you like best. That way you can just look through what she’s done and move on to someone else when you’re finished. The big list of clips that’s featured on the member’s main page is just a confusing pain in the butt.

Their promise of exceptionally high quality videos is delivered on. When you visit a girl’s page you’ll see all her clips presented with seven small screenshots to tempt and a short description. Then you can download the video in three resolutions: 640x360, 1280x720 and 1920x1080. The bit rates are about as high as they can go with the best being 8000kbps. That translates to your video looking incredibly high quality and that’s really all you need to know to ensure long term pleasure. You can download the videos in an iPod format as well. There are no streaming versions. They have screenshot galleries but you can only download them in zipped files.


I would imagine the close up pussy genre is not a huge one and that there aren’t millions of people clamoring for more content. However, I’ve experienced the wonder of 18 Close Up and I think you should all give it a try, no matter what you’re into. They get off on the right foot by hiring great looking young models with terrific bodies. The girls are beautiful and they perform fantastically. Most are exceptionally slender with small perky tits. They embody everything you could want in a teenage porn model.

Most of the scenes at 18 Close Up follow a similar pattern. They start with the girl standing and wearing something. Skirts and dresses are common and that’s because they want to do upskirt porn for you. The girl dances and shakes her ass and shows it all off to get you primed for what comes next. There’s some close up action when she’s dancing but it’s not until she takes her clothes off that things really get naughty. Then she spreads her legs or bends over an invites you nice and close so you can view the pussy and the asshole from an extreme zoom position. Things get really intimate at that point and it’s awfully hard to resist.

Once the pussy show has been viewed the girl will typically pleasure her hole in some way. The simplest form of that is slow and sensual clit rubbing to get off. There’s also dildo fucking and vibrating of the clit, pussy licking in the occasional girl on girl scene (those are rare) and pleasure beads. Some of the girls cum really hard and a few are squirters. Seeing the liquid shoot out of the pussy from such a zoomed view is awesome. Some girls are willing to play with the asshole. They’ll finger it, stuff it with dildos and other toys and in some cases the butt will gape open so you can look inside. Speculums are occasionally used if you’re curious about how the inside of a pussy really looks. The bonus section features young solo girls stripping and masturbating. There are nine chicks so it’s pretty minimal.

Cons and pros:


  • Great close up pussy content;
  • A fair amount of variety;
  • Incredible high definition videos.


  • Screenshots are in zipped files; no galleries available;
  • Not as many videos as the tour makes it seem;
  • Not nearly enough lesbian content;
  • Full scenes are not uploaded at once; it can take months;
  • Different prices for different video qualities is annoying.

18 Close Up is one of the finest sites in its genre, despite a few problems. They hire beautiful young women to show off their naked bodies and take you on super close up tours of their hot pussies. These girls smile brightly and let you ogle it all and they get off on that. You get to see masturbation, pussy spreading, speculums, lesbian sex, ass gaping with toys and more. They update every 3-4 days but they dole out the scenes in thirds so it actually takes a while to get your hands on a complete scene. The video quality is incredible and it’s perfect for a site that promises exceptionally intimate views of the pussy. You get really close to these girls and they look amazing. Most of the issues are minor and they don’t hinder the pure enjoyment of the teen porn that you can have.

Featured comments:

The update thing is a problem for me. I resent it when it seems like a site is trying to stretch things out to make more money off of me. They add a new clip from a girl and then take two months to finish that scene because they add stuff from other girls in between. If I want to see it all I have to stick around for two months.

If you want to join and download the standard definition movies you pay $17.20/month. If you want the really high quality 1080p videos you pay $29.90/month. I guess it’s nice that they offer you a discount if you just want the crappy quality videos but it feels annoying to me. There’s no bonus content of consequence and this isn’t a huge site so $30/month seems too much.

I’m not sure they should be advertising their lesbian content when the member’s area doesn’t feature a whole lot of it. You can see girls eating girls and it looks good but it’s just a few of the scenes. Otherwise it’s all solo. It’s still great but it feels like they’re misleading you just a little bit when they do that.

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