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1 Kink

1 Kink

Content quality: 21.0 of 25
Content quantity: 25.0 of 25
Design and usability: 6.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20

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Site Details:

1 Kink

If you have read our review of Domina HD, then you will already know about this site. The content here is the same, because the site is the same. But if you've not read that review and you’re into kink and fetish, then you need to read this. 1 Kink has both good and bad things going for it, depending on what you like from your sites. If you like quick and easy access, a stream only set up with no frills and no messing about and if you like to get straight to your porn, then you've hit the jackpot. Particularly if you like domination and femdom, spanking and all things fetish.

Main Idea:

Don’t be fooled by the title here, there is more than one ‘kink’ in play in this collection. It’s a very large collection, as you will see, and I’d say it covers just about every kind of wonderfully perverted kind of sex you could think of. It is arranged under five main headings and one of these alone has over 30,000 scenes. You sign up, log in and start viewing, it really is that simple. There is only one choice for each scene and there is no downloading of scenes, but that’s fine. It’s 100% fetish hardcore all the way with nothing getting in the way of it.

Members Area:

There is only one thing you will need to enjoy this members’ area and that’s a decently fast connection speed. The resolutions of the movies seem to vary but some are HD and will probably run a bit slow on a slower connection. You've got no choice for viewing so that’s something to bear in mind.

And if you’re the kind of porn fan who like to write comments and rate scenes, who likes to know who is appearing and find other movies with her in them, if you like to know when the content was last updated and if you like to see top lists… If you like to chat in forums and read descriptions of scenes, or find linked tag words and explore interactive options, social networking pages and give thumbs-ups to scenes… Well, if you like any of that stuff then forget it. There is absolutely nothing in this members’ area except index pages and scenes. The sample images on each index page carry a title only. The viewing page is a Flash screen only. You can go full screen, change the volume, jump through the scenes and pause, but that is it.

You might be able to download if you have something like Real Player with that facility to download as you stream, I could, but there is nothing built into the site to help you do this. So you normally watch on line. If that all sounds rather basic then don’t worry as the important thing is the fetish porn and you don’t have anything getting in the way of your seeing it; no adverts or distractions. Yes, it is a very basic members’ area but that is by design, not because the site doesn’t know what it is doing.


There are five categories of fetish listed as your menu, which is all you get by way of navigation. You have BDSM, Anal, FemDom, Ass to Mouth and Cum Swapping, so as I say, 1 Kink is not just about one fetish. And, within these categories you will also find men dominating women (though there is no category for this and this is the fetish that comes over most on the tour), and you will also find your standard hardcore action with cock sucking and pussy banging, facials and so on. It’s all there, and it’s all built around some kind of dark and kinky fetish action.

And talking numbers? Well, in the Anal category alone here were 30,000 scenes. At least. And the others all added together makes a total of around 40,000 scenes. Yes, you read that correctly. But, some of these scenes may appear in other categories so that number is the total with all categories added together; the actual total may be smaller, but not by much. You find the content via the numbered index pages and you find your scenes from the titled sample pics.

Click one and you get a new page with just the Flash player on it. Finish watching and use your back button for navigation. Simple. The scenes are usually a decent quality though I did detect some that looked like they were older, from the 1980’s even, and these had a celluloid feel to them, digitally transferred and put up here in the best quality available. On the whole I had no complaints about quality and some scenes were in HD, or close to it. There are no update dates here and no promises either, so there is no way of knowing if or when anything new might be added. It’s all very basic and very simple and it is all 100% about fetish porn.


There are no bonuses here.

Pros & Cons:


  • Masses of varied kink and fetish porn;
  • Very easy to use and navigate;
  • Decent quality content on the whole.


  • No interactive options at all and no information;
  • Varied quality;
  • No update news or schedule.

There is certainly more than one kind of fetish featured at this huge site. 1 Kink is the same site as Domina HD and not all of the content is HD, in fact it is rather varied in quality though never too rough. Full screen is often an option. I know it’s designed to be minimalist and hassle free, and that works well, but it would be nice to know some updates and have some deeper search options. But, if you simply want hardcore fetish porn with everything from men gagging women to women beating up men, then this site is going to suit you down to the ground. It’s the perfect place to have bookmarked and ready to go when you need a quick fix of fetish fun.


“Exactly the same as the other site you mentioned, and all very, very basic. As you say, that is not a problem as long as you don’t want to know anything. You have no choices, you simply get what you are given, it’s like the site is dominating you and has taken away all your responsibility. I quite like that from a fetish site!”

“You should mention that there are links to support if you need them, but these are about the only links you find in this very bland members’ area. Yes, the porn is hot and it works well, but I really would like to have a choice of downloading and streaming. It feels like they’ve just put up all this non-exclusive hardcore and left it to survive, you don’t feel anything as a member.”

“Kinky stuff, there are some nasty scenes in here and you get what you expect. At least you do when you spend hours searching for it; the things you see on the tour are very hard to find inside and I still haven’t found all of the clips that I saw on the tour and that tempted me to take a membership. Hours of horny searching lie ahead.”

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